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  • Family First Aid Medical Kit
  • Family First Aid Medical Kit
  • Family First Aid Medical Kit
  • Family First Aid Medical Bag
  • Family Medical Bag
Or the "KITCHEN SINK" bag!
Contents of the bag are NOT all pictured.
Combines Traditional AND Herbal supplies!

Ultimate Family Medical Survival Bag

34.00 LBS
Usually ships within 2-6 days.
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Product Description

Our Ultimate Family Medical Survival kit, is also known as "Kitchen Sink" first aid kit.

No other large first aid medical bag exists in the world like this one. One of a kind first aid kit. Comprehensive. Loaded medical trauma kit. Our BEST selling item! Read on if you are intrigued..

This a professionally designed, hand-packed, ready-made, fully stocked family first aid backpack for the most likely medical issues you may face like, for example: sprains and strains, cuts and lacerations, burns, upper respiratory infections, bleeding wounds, emergency dental problems, blisters, anxiety etc. (see the full list below).

Professionally designed by Dr. Joe Alton, a Medical Doctor with over 35 years experience and Amy Alton, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, with over 30 years experience in the medical field. We have extensively researched and developed this kit based on the most likely medical issues you will experience in emergencies and disasters.

No other company on the market will provide this level of attention to each and every detail like Doom and Bloom Medical does. We care about our customers like you are family.

I call this our "kitchen sink" first aid kit because it is:

The MOST comprehensive first aid kit, survival first aid kit, and prepper medical first aid kit you will find on the market that combines natural remedies with trauma first aid supplies.

It even includes dental emergency supplies with extractors, as well as clove oil and zinc oxide powder.

You will NOT find another complete family medical kit with so many incredibly useful supplies vs. several bandaids. Feel free to price the contents yourself, I have made this kit available at half of the cost if you DIY. However, I have published every item if you would like to DIY.

It is more important to us that your family is well stocked with supplies.

This is a unique combination of conventional and natural solutions to support your family's health and deal with medical issues when help is NOT on the way. This is the ultimate collection of medical supplies with over 500 items (and not mostly Band-Aids!). 

This bag will allow you to treat minor and major trauma, infections, and 90% of the medical issues you'll see in times of trouble. 

The Ultimate Family Medical Kit is one of the rarest of commodities: Medical supplies that combine the best of conventional and alternative items that will keep your loved ones healthy in good times or bad.

You'll have nine detailed step-by-step instructions on how to treat some medical issues using the included medical supplies held in a binder, a Red Cross first aid booklet and a copy of our book, "The Survival Medicine Handbook", 2016 third edition, which is almost 700 pages of easy to understand medical information and how-to steps.

I have personally hand-packed almost every item in water-proof individual bags to protect your contents from leakage, rain or accidental drop into water. Every bag is packed with attention to each and every detail, from why an item is included to where it is placed inside.

The bag weighs less than 23 lbs. fully packed and is easily transported. It comes in a high quality tactical backpack made by VooDoo Tactical(see video for more details, and Trauma Plus Bag picture) with high quality YKK zippers, a padded lumbar support and multiple compartments for ease of organization.

Chinese knockoffs will claim to be "the same" as VooDoo Tactical, but don't be fooled by such claims. I only purchase VooDoo Tactical bags from VooDoo reps directly. Non-VooDoo Tactical Stomp bags are almost 100% pre-filled with knockoff items and shipped to the USA for resell. We hand-pack our bags with real supplies.

This is the most comprehensive Family First Aid kit on the market for its size, weight and price!

We encourage you to compare our kit to any other like it, we know you will be 100% satisfied with our design, extensive contents and pricing.

Knowledge is number one before supplies and we offer several methods of obtaining medical knowledge, including our free articles, YouTube videos, DVDs, free lectures at conferences, Survival Medical Training Classes. Our third edition 2016 book comes with this kit if you want a hard copy to keep in your medical supply pack.

If you experience a serious disaster you may run into an experienced medical professional that has excellent knowledge, but no supplies. Bingo! You now have a perfect combination: supplies and expert knowledge.

Hint: Unlike other medical kit's "magic formula", we do not have a crystal ball to predict your specific injuries, and therefore we do not presume to know exactly what situations you may encounter. Will this last 5 yrs? 10 yrs? 4 people? 20 people? In a real disaster or other grid down scenario your medical injuries and illnesses will be unique to your family or group. Any written prediction by other medical kits are false, and you should prepare for far more. You really never know what the future brings.

Important Notice: We do not use knock-off products. All of our name-brand products in this kit are trademarked, original, new, and purchased directly from the manufacturer or first line authorized distributors. The Israeli bandage package is tightly vacuum packed, unlike fake products. Beware of kits which use C.A.T tourniquets with a red stamp of a jumping cat, or loose packaging of their Israeli bandages, these are not the trademark products.

***Scroll DOWN to view contents AND a Youtube video Nurse Amy made about the bag***

 Now includes a FREE COPY of "The Survival Medicine Handbook", our #1 Amazon Best Seller. The knowledge needed to use the items in this bag.

This is what this kit will care for:
Bleeding mild-severe
Traumatic wounds
Wound closure
Splinters/debris removal
Dental care/anesthetic/cavity filler/and tooth extraction
Eye Care
colds/flu/cough/sore throat/lung congestion
aches and pains
allergies/allergic reactions
skin irritations
digestive upsets/ nausea/ vomiting
bug bites/ bee stings/ contact dermatitis( poison ivy/oak/)
burns mild-severe/sunburn
minor cuts, scrapes and lacerations
headaches, sinus congestion
stress and anxiety
oral hygiene
surface disinfectant
insect repellent
Fire Starter materials
Light Source

Special Offer Below:

Very Limited Time Only: FREE SHIPPING to USA locations! Savings of $60- $100 per bag ordered on shipping costs! Also: Special Bulk rate discount $50 per bag for 2 or more Family Medical Bags purchased.

 Bag Color is BLACK by default, unless another color is chosen in product options. Red, Olive Drab-OD Green, and Coyote are available. All bags may require a few days additional time for custom packing. All our kits are newly made at our facility and have not been shipped from overseas and packed in foreign countries. Red is now available again as of 2/01/2017.

Trauma and Bleeding Supplies:

 1 SOF-T Tactical Tourniquet (NEW 12/08/14) Excellent tourniquet for bleeding (default is SOF-T TQ, Option to change to CAT Tourniquet brand by checking box at options)

1 CELOX-A APPLICATOR (for major external bleeding)- New 10/6/15

1 SWAT Tourniquet (as a back-up tourniquet and a primary tourniquet for children, elderly and anyone with thin arms) new 8/5/16

1 Styptic Pencil (proven to help stop minor bleeding)

Cayenne Pepper Packet Large Size (may help with: applied in a wound for mild- moderate external bleeding)

8 Oral BERMAN AIRWAYS from pediatric to large adult sizes- Used to prevent airway blockage from allergic reactions while benadryl or an epi-pen is administered

1 CPR PTP II Pro-Valve deluxe protection mask

10 Ammonia inhalants (1 box of 10)

1 Israeli/Emergency Bandage 6-inch


Personal Protection Supplies:

4 Nitrile Hypoallergenic Sterile Large gloves size 8 (2 pair)

40 Nitrile Hypoallergenic Non-sterile gloves

1 Scrub Brush Hand/Nails

1 Hand Sanitizer

5 N-95 masks (for use by the "medic" when caring for sneezing or coughing patients)

10 Surgical Ear Loop masks (for use of the sick patient to contain viral or bacterial droplets)

5 Bio Hazard Red Bags



1 Raw Unprocessed Honey 3.5 oz.

40 Gauze 12ply 4” x 4" Sterile (known as “Four by Fours”)

2 Multi-Trauma STERILE dressings Extra Large size 10" x 30"

200· Non-sterile gauze 12 ply (extra thick) 4” x 4" - Large "Brick", gauze can be used to stop bleeding and for cleaning wounds

10 Combine/ABD Pads STERILE (abdominal dressing) 5" x 9"

20 Telfa/Non-Stick gauze STERILE 3” x 4”  (excellent for burn dressings)

12 Rolled Kerlix gauze 6"

1 Coban, Sensi Wrap, or Self-Adherent Wrap (great to hold dressings onto extremities without tape)

2 Blood-Stopper STERILE Dressings (1 ABD pad and 2 kerlix rolls attaches)

1 XEROFORM Occlusive/Petrolatum Dressing 5" x 9"

1 Sterile OR Towel

1 Sterile Lap Sponge

20 Alcohol pads (great for cleaning instruments or your hands before putting on gloves)

20 BZK Antiseptic wipes (studies show this wipe used after animal bites may decrease rabies transmission)

20 Betadine packets (add 1 or 2 wipes to "drinkable" water for an antiseptic solution)

6 Betadine Swab sticks

1 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% large bottle 4 oz. (recommended as a gum and oral hygiene mouth wash)

1 Hibiclens Antiseptic Wash packet 15ml

1 Silver First Aid Solution Topical Treatment

1 Triple-Antibiotic Ointment Tube .33oz



160 Cotton balls/squares/Q-tips combo

20 Cotton Tipped Applicators, Sterile (2 per package x 10)

1 Paper tape 1" x 10 yards

1 Cloth tapes 1" x 10 yards

1 Duct tape 2" x 5 yards

4 Chux waterproof pads (for use as a clean area to lay out medical supplies in an austere location)

1 60 cc wound irrigation syringe (excellent for strong irrigation and cleaning of wounds)

60-100 Assorted sizes of bandages

5 Ex Large Bandaids

1 Curad FlexSeal Spray Bandage (liquid bandaid)

3 Super Glue packets or 2 larger size packets

1 Skin Stapler STERILE disposable with 35 regular staples

1 Skin Stapler STERILE remover

2 Adson Forceps (for use during stapling)

1 Suture Kit in Sterile Package:

   1 Adson's Forceps

   1 Needle Driver/Holder

   1 Suture Scissors

   1 Curved Kelly Clamp

   5 Sterile Field and Drapes, gauze

*** 2 sided Picture Instruction Sheet for Suturing***

plus 4 nitrile gloves, 2 betadine wipes and 1 antibiotic cream

24 Steri-strips ½” x 4” (x4 envelopes of 6 strips)

1 Benzoin Tincture

2 Nylon sterile sutures 2-0/3-0 (Non-Absorbing)

2 Silk sterile sutures 2-0 (Non-Absorbing)

2 Vicryl sterile sutures 2-0 (Absorbing)

2 Chromic sterile sutures 4-0 (Absorbing)



1 Head Lamp w/Batteries included

1 Blood-Pressure Cuff &

1 Stethoscope 

1 Thermometer

2 Scalpels- STERILE

1 Doctor's Pen light

1 Magnifying glass (true glass)

All Instruments are 100% Stainless Steel:

1 Bandage scissors 7.25" - HEAVY duty ALL METAL (NO plastic)

1 Mayo Scissors

1 Tweezers, metal

1 Iris/nail scissors

1 Curved Kelly clamp

1 Straight Hemostat/Kelly clamp


2  #150 and #151 DENTAL EXTRACTORS

(upper bicuspid #150, lower bicuspid #151)

1 #23 DENTAL EXTRACTOR- best for LOWER molars (new 8/2016)

1 #301 Dental Elevator all metal

1 Dental Scraper/Pick combo all metal

1 Clove oil -Organic

1 Zinc-Oxide powder Large Packet

1 Dental mirror- stainless steel handle

6 Pill cups

10 Tongue depressors

100 Dental Picks, disposable

1 Dental Floss Johnson and Johnson Mint Pack (at least 55 yards

1 ORAL ANALGESIC  with 20% Benzocaine



Cervical Collar 3" - universal size

4 Ace Wrap 4" bandages w/clips

4 Triangular bandages + Safety pins

1 Splint 4" x 36"- padded conforming (commonly called "sam" splint material)

1 Splint Finger Size - padded conforming

2 disposable Ice packs

2 Reusable Hot/Cold Packs

2 Back Pain Relief Patches

1 Muscle Rub

1 Fels Naptha, Poison Ivy/Oak Soap

12 Sting Relief Wipes

1 Soap Bar (important for daily hygiene and sanitation)

2 Moleskin Dr Scholl's extra thick padded squares 3" x 5"

4 Emergency Solar/MYLAR blankets

1 Gold Bond® Medicated body powder

1 Lip balm

1 Sunscreen SPF 30 4oz (seasonal item, may not be available)

1 ·Burn Jel large bottle 4 oz.- Lidocaine HCl 2.0 % (excellent burn treatment with lidocaine)

1 Athlete's foot cream

1 A & D Cream

1 Hydrocortisone Cream

1 Petroleum Jelly



1 Eyewash 4 oz.

1 Eyecup

4 Eye pads



 2 Waterproof Matches Box

 50 POTABLE AQUA(tm) Water purification/ Germicidal tablets

 2 GATORADE G2 Rehydration Powders

 4 Rehydration Salt Packets (World Health Organization formula)

 1 Emergency Water Bag 8L



1 Arnica Salve large 2 oz tin

1 Calendula Salve large 2 oz tin

1 Eucalyptus Salve large 2 oz tin


16 ORGANIC Teas, 4 Bags each:

Chamomile, Echinacea, Ginger, Senna

10 Lemon Powder packets

5 ORGANIC Premium Essential Oils (1/4oz each- 5 bottles total):





*Tea Tree

1 Pain Tincture, ORGANIC Herbal Remedy 1oz.

1 Sleep Tincture, ORGANIC Herbal Remedy 1oz.



1 Bag Throat/Cough lozenges

40 Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol)

60 Aspirin 

36 Diphenhydramine (generic benadryl)

40 Ibuprofen (generic advil)

60 Antacid tablets 

12 Anti-diarrheal 

25 Laxative tablets

24 Non-Drowsy Nasal Decongestant (phenylephrine HCl 10mg)


1 Doom and Bloom™ Embroidered Velcro Patch

1 VooDoo Official Tactical Special OPS Medical Backpack

Product Videos

Doom and Bloom Family Medical Bag by Nurse Amy (16:31)
www.DoomandBloom.net http://store.doomandbloom.net/ This is a review of the contents of the Family Medical Bag by Nurse Amy. For DIYers this is a video to help you make a medical bag for your family or prepper group. This bag is a true medical kit for a time when help is NOT on the way; no ER, no hospital, no ambulance. The contents of this medical kit will help you continue patient care, not just stablize and transfer like EMT bag supplies. Thanks, Nurse Amy
  • Doom and Bloom Family Medical Bag by Nurse Amy
    www.DoomandBloom.net http://store.doomandbloom.net/ This is a ...

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    Posted by on 1st Dec 2014

    As an RN that will be the go to person in a SHTF scenario, I am sooo excited about my bag. It is so thoroughly stocked with anything I can want pretty much. The book that guides you through scenarios is priceless! Easy to follow, very thorough and will be a valuable resource! Thank you!

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    After researching every commercial medical kit on the market, BIBO Outfitters chose this kit for the basis of the medical and dental kit in their Personal Survival Bug-Out Trailer. No other kit provides equipment and supplies for trauma, dental and long term health care in one complete package. Medical emergencies in survival situations are "come as you are" events. When there are no points for second place, this is the kit to have.

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    I have purchased a number of medical kits and this by far is the best most complete kit that I, or a survival doctor in a wilderness class I just took, have ever seen.

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    This Emergency Medical Kit is essential to have everywhere you go. I feel safe and confident with this kit. It is a great feeling to know if anything goes wrong, I will always have the items to help me.

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    The absolute best Disaster Preparedness Kit! I would recommend this product to anyone. This product is equipped with anything you could possibly need and more in an emergency. I carry it in the car with me or anywhere I go. I feel much better and confident this way.

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