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School Solutions

In these troubled times, RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS and other public spaces are causing deaths from bleeding wounds at an alarming rate. YOU can help stop the bleeding!



DID YOU KNOW: Around one in five deaths from hemorrhage can be prevented by the quick action of onsite individuals, and even more effectively if needed supplies are at hand.


SOLUTION: The ready availability of medical kits to stop bleeding can save lives in the uncertain future, just as fire extinguishers today do with fires.


  • We at Alton First Aid are supporters of the national STOP THE BLEED INITIATIVE, and work to help schools become prepared for incidents which involve hemorrhagic wounds.
  • The ALTON FIRST AID KIT FOR BLEEDING is compact, lightweight, and has the equipment necessary to help adult or older student stop bleeding and save lives.
  • It is effective in the hands of the non-medical professional to give time for emergency personnel to arrive at the scene.
  • Bulk discounts are available for 10 or more kits.