Thank you for visiting our first aid supply store! We really appreciate and value your time.

Here is some information that may help answer questions you have. If you do not find the answer, please write to me (Nurse Amy) through the contact us page or you may write to us at DrBonesPodCast@aol.com

1. Are you really a woman-owned small business? Yes we are! 

2. Do you actually hand pack each of the medical kits? We do "expert" pack each one of our kits to your custom requests after they are ordered. We want your kits to be according to your needs and have the freshest expiration dates available.

3. Why is my kit taking longer than Amazon to ship? Because we hand pack your (all) kits after your have placed your order there may be a delay until we can get to your order. We pack each kit in the order it was placed. We strive to ship as fast as possible. Like Santa's workshop!

4. How do I contact you with a question? You can leave a message with my service, use the Contact Us page or write directly to Dr. Alton and Nurse Amy at DrBonesPodcast@aol.com

5. Why doesn't the email amy@store.doomandbloom.net work? I am working on correcting that issue. It requires a change to MX records (which is not my expertise). Please use DrBOnesPodCast@aol.com to write to us.

6. Will I receive a copy of my order in the shipment? Yes. We supply a copy of your order with each item marked so you know your specific requests were noted and attended to during the packaging.

7. Will my book be signed? We will sign it to the shipment address name. If Fred order a book (billing name and address) and sends it to Carol (shipping name and address), we will sign the book to Carol. If you have a special person to send a book to please write to us immediately after ordering and send it to DrBonesPodcast@aol.com

8. Is Dr. Alton a doctor and is Amy a nurse? Dr. Alton is actively licensed in the State of Florida as a Medical Doctor. Amy Alton is licensed in the State of Florida as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or "Nurse Practitioner" and also as a Certified Nurse Midwife. She holds a Master's degree in Nursing.