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Verified Customer Testimonials:

Mark W, on September 28, 2022
Maximum Stars!
Review: When I purchase on-line, I look for the following: (1) how well the product is displayed and explained; (2) how easy it is to order and go back and shop more; (3) Types of payment; (4) Follow up after the order; (5) How the order arrives (how well packaged).  Doom and Bloom met all my criteria. No issues. I was very pleased with the experience and will shop there again in the near future. Also, I own all the Alton references and they are really solid - from someone who was a field medic in the military.
Joe and Amy Alton are the world experts in preparedness first aid. After I read The Survival Medicine Handbook cover to cover, I bought the family first aid kit (aka kitchen sink). It's worth every penny to have the best and most complete first aid kit on the market  -- from people you can trust.
Everything was packed with care; Amy even called me to confirm some shipping details. Amazing! Keep up the great work you're doing, Amy and Joe!
Ben M. (Austin TX)
5/5 Stars

 Hi Amy,

Just letting you know everything came in. Thank you for all the careful packing, I went through everything and it is all in very good shape. I appreciate recognizing brand names in the products, knowing you care about your product. The organization in the packs is greatly appreciated as well.

As I do not have a medical background, I am really looking forward to reading all of the materials you have written.

Thank you for such a solid product, this is a great addition to my home!

Brenda F.

(purchased a Stomp Supreme large kit and our Antibiotic Book as well)

All the right for the job!!!!

Posted By: Bruno Demers
One of the best first aid kit I ever had!!! Although a bit expensive for a first aid kit, the bag alone is a marvel, with all the pockets and the compartments and then it contains all the tools and the bandages that you will need in case of any emergency whether a serious injury or just a nick. I feel a lot more ready in case of a medical emergency. I take a first aid course every two years and with this kit I will be able to give first aid in any situation!!!

WOW 5 Star Review

Posted by Howard Toy on 14th May 2019

This is the second dental kit that I have purchased. In addition I have purchased the stomp kit and multiple trauma kits for my family. Together they give me a sense of comfort, coverage, and the knowledge that my family can be taken care of in an emergency. Obviously, training is necessary to understand all of the equipment, and how to utilize it. To that end I have taken many courses, including becoming an EMT just because
Doom and Bloom by far is the best company that I have discovered over the past 30 years for medical Kits, supplies, books, videos and knowledge. Hands down the best


Hi Amy,

I received the bag. Thank you. I just went through it last night. It is fantastic. I hope to never have to use it. Much of it I am not trained to use. All I have had is advanced first aid training. That being said living in Manhattan I wanted something in the event we have to bug in (something tells me bugging out will be hard to do in the event of an emergency) and getting to a medical facility is not an option. Finding a doctor who is trained is a higher probability and have the supplies on hand is important. One of the things that attracted me to your approach is the use of natural and herbal remedies. It is something we use a lot of in our household.

Carl L.

May 14, 2019



At the SPCA for Monterey County we are mindful of ensuring our staff and volunteers are prepared for emergencies of all types.  From natural disasters, to vehicle accidents, to active shooter incidents, we strive to provide the necessary tools and skills to respond appropriately.  To that end, when we knew we wanted to provide bleeding control training and kits, we searched numerous websites to find a good fit for our needs (simple, effective and easy to use in an emergency for “civilians,” as well as a good price for a non-profit budget). 


We were thrilled to find the “Doom and Bloom” kits and training videos. We especially appreciate the numbered items and simple, straight-forward training instructions. We would recommend Doom and Bloom kits and training for anyone seeking these vital emergency supplies and information.  


Gina Galuppo

Director of Human Resources

The SPCA for Monterey County (California, August 2018)



Product: First Aid Kit Family Size GRAB N GO™
Posted By: John

This is what a first aid kit should be. I researched every “comprehensive” first aid kit I could for over a year and always came back to this one. There just isn’t a kit made that beats it. The contents are all great quality items and it really has just about everything you could need for most situations. Nurse Amy was right when she called this kit the “kitchen sink”.

I would recommend Doom and Bloom, and their products, to anyone. Nurse Amy was personable, friendly and fantastic through all of my questions and really made me feel like she cared about what she does and valued my business. Shipping was super quick and everything arrived packed well and protected. A great buying experience from a fantastic small business that I will continue to support.



Dr. Alton and Nurse Amy.

I just received your new antibiotic handbook and I could not be more excited. I'm a pre PA student who just finished microbiology, and would have loved to have had this book during my course. 

I'm halfway through the book and love the simplified language and thorough subject matter. I am grateful for your mission statement and know your wo
rk will be a blessing to many families.




Must have book for your prepper library 01/17/2019

Product: Altons Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman's Guide To Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings
Posted By: Mike Lewis
This book is outstanding. It explains a complicated and intimidating subject matter (Antibiotics and Infectious Disease) in easy to understand and well written format.
It is a MUST HAVE for any serious prepper library. This book will make you re-evaluate your priorities when it comes to being prepared for the uncertain future.
I read it cover to cover in just a few days and am already implementing what I have learned in to my disaster plan.
Well done Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!


Quality and Complete

 I had ordered a bag from another supplier and was very disappointed in the quality and lack of essentials, I returned it. I called Doom and Bloom and spoke to Amy, she spent the time to understand exactly what I needed and the best way to achieve my goals in obtaining medical essentials. I have to say, customer service is top notch.

I ended up with the STOMP Supreme, the dental kit and other personal medical essentials. When I receive the items, I was more than satisfied with both the quality and quantity of gear. Also if you currently do not have their book “The Survival Handbook” it is a must in my opinion even for veteran medical personal. This comprehensive book contains information for a SHTF situation where normal means are no longer available.

I conclude by saying that I never take the time to review anything but felt so compelled by both the customer service and quality that I felt it my responsibility to do so.

Mark R. (Ordered items in April 2018)




Nurse Eval 

Product: Ultimate Family Medical Survival Bag 
Posted By: Chuck Kelley
I am evaluating these products as an active Registered Nurse and former EMT-Paramedic. My experience has been in Rescue, Emergency Care, Intensive Care, Trauma department, Surgery, and a lot of teaching. The pack exceeds what I used to carry on the Rescue unit as a paramedic. This pack resembles one I used to use in Critical Care Transport. The supplies are of the highest quality and are well organized in the pack. The pack is well made, easy to adjust for size, and appears to be very durable. The book is easy to read and very well organized. Even with 28 years of experience and formalized training, I am learning new information as I read thru the book. Overall, I highly recommend both the pack and the manual. These products are excellent for those who are formally educated and trained in the medical field as well as for the general family member who is trying to improve their preps. Both of these products are an excellent resource for the lay person. I strongly recommend the pack and the manual. 


Happy Face Wait Time, Selection, Environment, Quality, Customer Service

I had such a great experience in its entirety.. I was going to buy the game but how excited i was about it came from the facial expressions and excitement of the man selling it to me.

The game says 12 and up but I have it a chance with my 7 year old daughter, she LOVES the game, not that it's easy for her but a delightful challenge, we play it often, she even played it with my gamer cousin and even he was impressed with the game. Thank you for this wonderful creation!

(This customer purchased 1 SURVIVAL! game on April 28, 2018)




I ordered the compact individual first aid kit (IFAK). The kit was as advertised- packet to the gills with fresh, name brand, quality components. Very well thought out by medical professionals. The pouch itself is sturdy and MOLLE compatible. Not only does the pouch have a coating on the inside that repels water, but many of the individual items are also in ziplock bags adding more protection from water - great if you take your kit camping, kayaking, or canoeing. I have bought many first aid kits ranging in price from $12 - $35. This kit was around $75.

However, every item is top notch and carefully packed - no expired items or made in China junk. You can buy it with confidence, put it in your go bag, and know you’ll have what you need when you need it. The quality and peace of mind are worth the few extra bucks. The cherry on top is that Doom and Bloom accept flexible spending account cards (FSA). I bought my kit this way and so I paid nothing out of pocket! Customer service is outstanding. I e-mailed them a question and received a reply in under an hour from Nurse Amy - one of the company founders. They really do care about you and your family! Doom and Bloom have excellent first aid kits specifically tailored for survival situations - knowing you may not have immediate access to professional medical care. They receive my highest recommendation!

Nick (Customer feedback 01/2018)


Message : I absolutely love the bags you sent me. Excellently packaged!

I have watched several videos. Makes me want to go into emergency medicine!
I really appreciate the attention to detail! Thanks Amy

Michelle (08/21/2017)



Awesome! Thanks for the fast reply.

I’m a survival instructor and part of a prepper network. I am definitely recommending your products to our members.

These are the highest quality kits I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!

Nick (01/14/2018)



(I) was performing surgery on my vacuum cleaner w some hemostats when my GSW/Bleeding control kit & Survival Medicine Handbook arrived. I am still reeling. the kit is FANTASTIC n I've already started on the handbook.

I'm blown away as to the enormity of info packed into this book. Its a 'must have' in EVERY household, period. its no nonsense, easy to follow style is spot on . Its not only instructions; A & J explain the concepts so one can understand the why & successfully improvise. I've been underlining, circling n notating the margins from the minute I opened it. this is the most comprehensive handbook I've seen.

I feel so much safer having this book in my library n KNOW that I will be able to help countless peo(ple). utilizing the info in this book. also, the items in the kit are top quality & so well thought out. Amy & Joe your brilliance n generosity are tremendous.

Thank you w all my heart. Be Blessed all ways. A


I received my gun shot kit yesterday and I wanted to let you know how pleased I was, you got the kit to me amazingly fast, all components are high quality the pouch it's self was extremely well made, you communicated extremely well just 10's across the board I will be a future customer and have already recommended you to my friends.
Thank you   Chuck M. (05/03/2017)


I purchased their book and a few medical supplies.
I was very pleased with quick service and quality of supplies.
The book is very well written and for a lay person like myself; easy to understand and actually comprehend without needless fluff or mumbo jumbo. I've purchased other books of this genre and end up shelving them halfway through. I highly recommend this book for anyone who values the life and well being of themselves and others.

Kris Jardine


 Dr. Bones' book is just the medical reference that I've been looking for. I ordered Doom and Bloom's family medical kit and it's awesome. All the right stuff in one package. Thank you!
Best Regards,
Scott Nelson


Dear Dr Bones @ nurse Amy,
 Received my new medical handbook from you today.
Thank you for your fast delivery. I know that I will thoroughly enjoy reading it.
I have been prepping for about 2 years and faithfully listen to your podcast and you tube channel. 
I want to thank you by email for the time and energy you put into your channels as I know I speak for countless others also
Best regards & I hope and pray we all never have to resort to our training and supplies. 
Tony B. Wilmington, NC (5/6/2017)


 I was very excited when I first heard about  your website and looked forward to purchase my emergency medical bag.  For  someone who has limited knowledge of medicine it was very much appreciated.
Kevin Black


 My son and I were lucky enough to have experienced the emergency wound care and suturing class. What a fantastic opportunity! These are SHTF fan skills that I will be grateful to have gained in the event of a catastrophe. In the event of a regular accident, I am confident in making the best decisions prior to seeking professional medical attention. Everyone should know this information. I wish it was taught in high schools. I hope to take more of your seminars in the future.

Sent from my iphone


Good evening Amy!
I wanted to touch base quickly as I have just a short time ago opened the boxes which were received this afternoon and started unpacking them...
My goodness...where to start?!
I am so very astounded, privileged, and humbled by what I found...!!
You are so completely thorough, thoughtful, and amazing at what you do, and I wanted to let you know as soon as I had the chance (actually I made time for the opportunity!).
I have never been so completely pleased with a purchase at any time in the past.  Never!  I have never written in response to receiving a purchase in my 49 years.  Our family is so very pleased and we thank you!
I have not had the opportunity to do any more than unpack the boxes as of yet...but will no doubt find the same impeccable attention to detail when I have the opportunity over the next couple of days (thank you SO much for the Red bags!).  I am hoping we will have the chance to play the Survival game tonight or tomorrow (thank you so much for remembering the modest cards, as well!).
The thank you card is a nice touch (one we also incorporate in our business), and just adds to the over-the-top service you have provided us.  Thank you SO very much.  To be certain, we will look to you first whenever we are in need of additional supplies, to say the least.
Again, thank you so much for everything from quality supplies to the quality of service.  You hit on every point and made this a complete pleasure of a purchase.
All the very best to you both and God Bless!


I realized that the end of the year was almost up and my Health Savings Account (a use it or lose it account) still had $800 in it. Since you can use it to buy first aid medical devices, I purchased the Ultimate Family Medical Survival Bag.

I have owned several other medical kits of various sizes and types, but never one as extensive and eclectic as this one. It was stuffed so full it almost warrants a larger bag. The kit includes a lot of quality instruments and nothing that screamed cheap. I liked the fact that it had airways, CELOX, a tourniquet, an Israeli Emergency bandage, a skin stapler, a suture kit, and a dental kit with quality extractors.  I love that some natural medicine elements were included, such as essential oils, natural honey, silver gel, salves, teas, and tinctures. I really think the natural first aid options should be expanded into it's own kit. 


Thank you guys,

Dustin Hollis



My wife and I met Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy at the Self reliance Expo in Arlington Texas about 4 years ago. We had a nice little conversation and left the Expo determined to prep for the worst but hope for the best. That Christmas I gave my wife a copy of your survival medicine book that you had signed for her. She loves it and keeps it on her nightstand for easy reference.

Glenn Bordeaux


I now carry my Doom & Bloom Grab & Go Truma Bag & Gun Shot Wound Kit because of the following rescue that I performed a few months ago.
Mahalo for Doom & Bloom as I now feel way more prepared to help when trouble strikes here in Hawaii....

 Chris Gardner


Nurse Amy,

I have to give you a little bit of background story on this purchase. Not exactly sure how I  came across your website, but I'm so glad I did. I am a (light?) Prepper. I think my family thinks I'm just a little off, but that's OK.  One day they'll be thanking me. I am also an RN.  I haven't worked in the hospital setting for quite a while. I left to raise my kids. So, I found your website and thought how awesome that you all are providing this kind of  knowledge!  I'm looking through all the kits. I  ask my husband about buying one. (We always confer with each other if a purchase is over a certain amount). He was fairly hesitant. So for the past few days, I have been doing my research and pricing out what it would cost to put one together myself (STOMP PLUS $469). I have a lot of the supplies already (nurse, prepper...). So I have my numbers crunched (by Amazon prices only) and figured what I would need to buy would be $500 worth of stuff. But, since you can't buy just 20 BZK  wipes etc, it would actually cost around $750 to buy all the supplies with lots of leftovers. So, this is my argument for buying from you all. I'm headed home ready to present my case, when I  get a phone call. I know I  answered kinda grouchy ( I didn't know  the number and assumed it was a telemarketer)!  Low and behold it was you, calling to give me an answer to my emailed question. WHAT!?! Who does that? Apparently you do. Couple points here: #1: it was like getting a  call from a  celebrity!  Closest thing in my world anyway! And # 2: It changed my method of presentation to my husband. I  pulled in, told him, I just talked to Nurse Amy. She called me!  I explained the research I had done, then said, but that really doesn't matter, because with customer service like that, I'm buying it. Above any cost savings, it means more to me that you all would give such personal service.

I know your website says you think of your customers / followers as family, and I  can see that is the truth! So thank you both for what you are doing, I think it is VERY important!  And thank you for the "above and beyond" customer service.

Dawn S


 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy of Doom and Bloom are an unbelievable resource for not only for the Survivalist but also for those who want to improve their daily existence. They also have published a Survival Guide (The Survival Medicine Handbook) that is one of the best I have read, it’s my go-to guide when I have a question related to regular and alternative medicine and survival techniques. The hundreds of videos they have on-line are exceptional in their depth and breadth of information, many related to medicine. The products they sell are selected for its end use and they have been tried in the field for functionality. Try their website!

Fred Muller

Firearms Academy of Texas  


Message : got the Trauma and Dental kit yesterday
you delivered the goods and after two hours of unpacking and observing then repacking, confirmed that this is right on target

for the dental kit find a similar bag with PALS to hook to the MOLLE on the Back pack
I just have it woven into the straps for now
excellent product
you have a customer for life
Howard T. 01/16/17

 I always look forward to the valuable information that I receive from Doom and Bloom! I purchased a CD awhile back that was so chock full of information, that I actually took notes on it! This information is from a very experienced Dr. and Nurse team that share insider info on ..for instance..How to tie a tourniquet, so that bleeding from an accident can be slowed or stopped..How to find a replacement antibiotic from the aquarium store when there is no Dr, available. You won't find information like this anywhere!

Sheree Taylor


  I was fortunate indeed to discover the Doom and Bloom medical survival book. Medical emergencies have to rate high on anyone's preparedness list and for my money this book and gear are the King of the hill. A valuable and unique feature is the inclusion of herbal and homeopathic treatments following each topic that is covered using up to date AMA approaches and modern pharmaceuticals. Owning this book (and gear) is second only to having the authors living next door when disaster strikes.    

T. Kobela


 Product: Survival Board Game
Testimonial:  I purchased this game for my family as a (relatively) lighthearted way to help them grasp survival needs.  It's now part of their regular board game rotation, especially my pre-teen sons.  They enjoy it and it's sparked several family discussions about preparedness fundamentals - conversations started by them, most importantly.

Product: Doom & Bloom Survival Podcast
Testimonial: Podcasts are my daily commute lifeline, and the Doom & Bloom Survival Podcast is always an interesting, entertaining, and educational mix of topics.  Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have a great radio presence and are very engaging hosts - definitely add them to your commuting pool!

Gerret Peters


Dear Doom & Bloom future customers;
Being a long time gun enthusiast, adventure motorcycle rider, and woodworker, I hadn't given much thought to traumatic injuries. Sure, I always wear the protective gear but never thought about compound fractures, gun shot wounds, or missing limbs. That is, not until some of my YouTube subscriptions started sharing about their experiences.
That got me thinking I should have some type of trauma kit handy at all times.....but which one? What should it contain? And how the heck do you use it?
After hours of YouTube videos on the subject, researching products and kits, I ran across Doom & Bloom. I compared their kit to others and found it to be the most complete IFAK, with very high quality items at a very reasonable price. Add a nasopharyngeal tube and another tourniquet and you have a first class trauma kit capable of keeping you or someone you love alive until proper medical help arrives.

I highly recommend the Doom & Bloom IFAK trauma kit and look forward to the next step of a family medical kit.

Stay alert, stay safe. Happy shopping.
Craig C. from Texas


 I bought the family medical bag and it has just about everything you could possibly want in it. The only thing I would add to it is a blood transfusion kit. The service was great and it was shipped so quickly that I received it long before it was expected to be delivered. I'm very happy with their service, the value and quality of the product. I have recommend them to others and I will buy from them again.

Steven Guy Cinqmars


 Hi, I purchased the Stomp Complete medical kit along with additional supplies and found that this is the most complete and professional designed and stock medical kit I have ever found. It definitely was put together by healthcare professionals with experience and I use Doom and Bloom as my reference point whenever I look at similar products offer elsewhere. Their service was quick and well packed for shipping too. I will be ordering Doom and Bloom whenever I need medical kits in the future. I plan on ordering the Gunshot wound kit in the near future as it is more comprehensive than anything else I've seen.

Tom Bellavia



Purchased your Medical book and use it as my information source……………..Bill Genarrow


Hello Doom and Bloom Medical,

As part of your giveaway, I wanted to share my experience.  I ordered one of your premium medical packs, and was very pleased with it once I received it.  I did forward a question to you about an alternate item for the bag, witch hazel, which you immediate send out to me, which you did not really need to do, so thanks!

Also, we had a house fire last year, which destroyed the upper part of our house.  The med bag however was at the base of the basement stairs, and survived the smoke and water very well, and it was one of the first items I retrieved!  I did lose the autographed book though, which was by my bed, but I will replace it.

I am very glad we have your med bag available, and do recommend it whenever I can.


Ric Citvaras


 I have ordered several products from you over the past 18 months ranging from books to full kits.  I have been very impressed with everything that I have received.  Everything was well packaged and quality was top notch.  Customer service has also been excellent.  I even received a real hand written note from Nurse Amy thanking me for my purchase.  You don't find many folks anymore willing to take just a little time to add a personal touch.  I highly recommend your products to anyone.

Eric Troumbly from Minnesota


 I purchased “The Survival Medicine Handbook”.  It is the most informative and medically correct survival book I have ever bought!  It has the best medical  survival information for everyone and all should have a copy!!

 Sandy Pelissier:


 Nurse Amy's medical kits and lists are arranged so users with different skill levels can use them successfully.

Thank you,
Susan LeBlanc


 Doom and Bloom provides a wealth of information on the web site and all of the products I've purchased have been of high quality. I've explored lots of site dedicated to survival medicine and D&B is quite easily the best.

Mike Ingle


 We ordered the large medical kit and are very impressed with the contents of the kit.  Everything is packed meticulously in the efficient back pack.

We had an opportunity to use the stethoscope not long after we purchased the medical kit.  Since I had never used one before I had the ear pieces in backwards. I took it to the Mother Earth Fair in Albany and Amy explained just how to use it properly.  She didn’t make me feel foolish at all.

Thank you so much for providing products that will help keep us healthier!

Ilene Waldorf


 The medical DVD was very informative.  The medical kit was well stocked with a variety of items.

Michael Henton



Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy,

I own several of your medical kits along with The Survival Medicine Handbook and they are all wonderful additions to my family’s medical preparations.  The quality of each is outstanding and we’ve come to better understand treatment techniques for a variety of health issues.  I highly recommend your products for those who, like us, are not medically trained but want to easily learn and apply practical medical skills.

Thank you,

Greg Wallace



 I purchased the Doom & Bloom Survival game.  It's become one of our favorite games to play as a family.  The premise is interesting and it's fun to play too.  It was very reasonably priced and it shipped quickly from the store.  Highly recommended.


Todd Helmkamp


 I purchased one of the large medical bags complete with medical and dental supplies. It also came with your wonderful book. I think that this is the best $700 that I have spent on a long time! My 13 year old daughter, who wants to be a surgeon one day, has especially enjoyed going through the bag and reading the book.

Alan Romack
Captain Clutter


 I recently bought the Doom and Bloom board game "Survival!" as well as a copy of "The Survival Medicine Handbook". Given that I live in Canada there were some shipping question that were handled expertly and promptly by Amy. The game is a fantastic game that my family loves and the book is an excellent read for anyone that is interested in a more in depth understanding of first aid and survival situations. Thanks for everything Doom and Bloom.

Anthony Baldwin


 While camping your healing salves saved my behind, i really mean it, for i had gotten a bad rash that turned nasty, but i had packed the salves  in my med kit, and used it and was amazed the great results, job well done.

Michael jarrett: 


I have purchased several items through these guys and everything has been excellent quality and fast shipping. 

Dan Knoll


I am a chiropractic physician and I am responsible for teaching medical preparedness to my patients - to those that request it for info only purposes, but may one day rely on that knowledge.

Needless to say, I am more than familiar with the survival/preparedness community and have probably taken almost every course out there. Whereas there are some great folks and suppliers out there, no one offers such a concise and value-packed package and service as Dr. Joseph Alton and Nurse Amy! We have purchased numerous kits from the Doom and Bloom website, and their "Survival Medicine Handbook" is now the ONLY book I make required purchase and reading by those that take my classes.

The quality of all the items sold on the Doom and Bloom website is superior to everything out there, and not to forget: there are items that are simply one of a kind and are not even available anywhere else: like "The Survival" board game that our kids love to play with us! We feel that alone has been the tool we were so desperately looking for in raising their awareness of any possible threats and societal events that may cause them one day to lead others to safety.

For those that are seasoned preppers or those that are novices just wanting to get information on what to do when medical help is NOT on their way: Doom and Bloom website, it's free downloadable content, articles, links, and most importantly: Book, game and all other products are a phenomenal way to start....and finish all your medical related survival preps!

Stay safe!

Dr. Alexander Ginzburg
Chicago, IL


Good day,

I wish to congratulate you on your fine website and your excellent customer service!

The items that I ordered came quickly and were all in excellent condition. 

The kits that I ordered were well thought out and made for professionals and peppers like myself!

The quality of all the items in the different kits is unsurpassed! Everything is top notch!

My wife is a registered nurse and couldn’t have made a better kit (gun shot and knife wounds and stitches/staples kits)!

Thank you for everything, I feel safer and empowered now that I have those kits!

 Kind Regards, Bruno Demers


 Dr Bloom and Nurse Amy,

We have purchased your No 1 SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK, and the No 2 more expanded SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK.  We have a three compartment carry bag of medical supplies, forgot the name of the bag at the moment, the SOF TACTICAL TOURNIQUET, THE SUTURING KIT, and some other items.  We met you at the PREPPER Convention in Colorado City a couple of years ago and took the suturing class.  Also saw you last September in North Carolina at the Prepper Camp.  to top it off we have the game you put out last year.  Don't know many medical sites and blogs on the computer.  Trust yours the most!  I completely trust your web site for the medical info the most.  Can't tell you how happy we were to find you.  And now, the product I think is the greatest and the most important is Nurse Amy's FIRST AID BLEEDING CONTROL KIT. When we finish this we are going to your store to order that.  Can't thank the two of you enough for all you do for us. 

Keep up the great work, Sandy and Bob Tamer


I was glad to finally find a trauma kit and dental kit to add to my preps. The blood stop kit is the right size for a EDC bag yet has what one would need in a crisis. The dental kit is awesome because of everything in it. 

Thanks Again!

Rick M.


 We met with Nurse Amy and Dr Bones at the prepper event in Lakeland Florida and we found them to be very informative and bought the game which we have put to good use.

 Frank Bobko:


 I bought the Gunshot First Aid Kit to carry in my motorcycle saddlebag since motorcycle injuries tend to be broken bones and massive road rash bleeding. I have taken some emergency courses and hope never to have to use my excellent first aid kit, but it feels good to be prepared!

Thank You,

Kasie Thompson


 Easy to read and understand. I am using "Survival Medicine" as a teaching guide for friends and family. The book addresses various medical issues that happen in every day life as well as preventative measures that would become essential for survival in a post disaster situation. Thank you so much for providing this valuable resource.


Sent from my iPad


 I purchased the Ultimate Family Medical Survival Bag a while ago and could not be happier. The bag is laid out well and the contents reflect a very thoughtful and thorough approach to medical and dental care in a SHTF scenario.

Coy Pennington
Bonifay, FL


I have three growing boys and the relief of have the family bag is beyond words. Thank you amy for taking the time so i didn't have to.

Anthony Dahlman:


 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are a wonderful resource for medical awareness and knowledge from their website ( https://www.doomandbloom.net ) and multiple podcast such as Survival Medicine Hour Podcast and American Survival Radio. The Doom ad Bloom Survival game is entertaining and fun. Th game is a great way to discuss prepping with family and friends as situations develop in the game. 

Ben Shively



 Ordering was a snap; Delivery was on-time, and the quality was above and beyond my expectations. Doom and Bloom is THE go-to for medical advice and equipment.

 M G Koenig


My personal experience with doom and bloom is outstanding. Customer service is outstanding and all their products are top of the line. Everyone should have a copy of their book.

 John B


 After not winning your holiday giveaway I decided to buy the Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! Board Game for my family.  I am so impressed with the quality that went into designing the game.  It is fun and everyone enjoys playing and we learn in the process.  What an awesome idea!!!  I do wish you could have more than 4 players though, this would be a great dinner party game.

Bob S.

San Antonio, TX


Hi Amy,    Thank you (and Joe) for everything you do.  I took your wound care class in Virginia a few months ago and am glad I did.  Just knowing how to take care of everyday cuts is great and I taught my kids on my own cut.  This is my second book from you (I also have the first edition).  I helped a stranger a month ago who passed out from heat exhaustion while his friends just stood staring and not knowing what to do (and these were all grown men).   It is disheartening to see that we, as a people, don't know how to respond to much anymore and just stand and wait for "someone" to come help.  At least in my life, you are making a difference and I know you are in the lives of many others as well.    
Thank you Both.  
Much respect and appreciation,
Jason D


I am a police officer in Central Texas and I wanted to say thank you for what you do.

Austin E


love your podcast, can't wait to get the kit keep up the good work!

Allen T


Hello guys, This is an awesome premade Medical kit. I would request a black bag for the kit.

Thank you again.

P.S. I found you on YouTube and thank you for the great info and great work! I appreciate you!

Rowdy S


Thank you for all your great merchandise and information!!!

We have purchased a lot of items from you, and love all of them. I am looking forward to reading your book.

Thanks again,

Brian O


Dental Kit: I am a dentist, and will add disposable syringes and anesthetic, etc. If The SHTF and I am away from the office, I may still have new desperate emergency patients.

Daniel S


Thank you Joe & Amy for all you do !!!!

Theresa J


Thanks for making this book! I'm excited to start getting more serious with my medical preparedness. I also think its great that you guys sign the book copy, that makes it feel special and motivating. Keep up the good work!

-Alex P


Nurse Amy - thank you for the energy you put into preparing your kits! we appreciate it, so are ordering additional smaller kits for the vehicles.

–Lori O


Love you guys on TSP ! (The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko)

Jake K


Thank You! Much appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work you both have done for the earth and her people! I hope your year is excellent in all ways!

Lynn L