Bleeding Control Kit: Do you have the right instructions at hand

Bleeding Control Kit: Do you have the right instructions at hand

Posted by Amy Alton, ARNP on 15th Mar 2016

Active shooter events can and do happen, will you be ready to stop bleeding when it REALLY counts? A bleeding victim can die in 5 minutes; when action is needed in seconds the ambulance is always a few minutes away. That means that you the average citizen, has the responsibility to save a life when professional help is NOT at hand.

After the danger is cleared, there may be all sorts of injuries around. Having the best bleeding control kit readily available can save a life. The right equipment in your hands will be your best bet to help the bleeding victim. But do you know what to do?

Emergencies involving blood loss occur anytime and anywhere, and you should be ready to deal with them. From industrial accidents to natural disasters to terrorist attacks, lives are lost by the lack of medical supplies that control hemorrhage.

The First Aid Bleeding Control Kit by Doom and Bloom(tm) is compact, lightweight, and has the equipment necessary to save a life in any circumstance. The Doom and Bloom Bleeding Control Kit is designed by medical professionals, Amy Alton, ARNP and Joe Alton, MD.

Contained in an highly visible, easy-to-open Mylar bag, this kit contains materials that are highly effective in the control of bleeding, including the durable and versatile SWAT tourniquet, compression dressings, gauze bandages, bandage scissors, and even special hemostatic (blood-clotting) pads.

Bleeding Control Kit Contents

Included on completely waterproof paper (see image under water) 8.5 x 11 two-sided, are simple step-by-step numbered instructions that correspond to the numbered items (see image of numbered items). Images of the item to be used and demonstrations of your action are along side the written instructions and create easy to follow steps, with little chance of error.

Waterproof First Aid Control Active Shooter Medical Kit Inside Instructions

The kit and instructions are presented in a way that is intuitive to the non-medically trained personnel, such as teachers, law enforcement officers, students, homeowners, parents, and employees.

This kit weighs just 14 ounces and is approximately 6 x 9 inches in an easy to open heat-sealed red Mylar bag. Several can be packed into an average medical bag or pack.

If you are thinking about any serious bleeding emergency, this is the kit for you and your family. Don't be caught unprepared! This is the right kit for anyone under stressful situations with easy to read and understand life-saving items. You and your family deserve the best!


Amy Alton, ARNP