Prepare for Pandemic and Be Ready for Anything

27th Jan 2015

Don’t fall victim to a pandemic. There are certain steps you can take to keep yourself and your family healthy if there is an outbreak of infectious diseases. With all the reports of Measles and Ebola in the news, a pandemic outbreak is a reality for every human alive today. Here are a few steps to take to avoid infectious diseases.

Wash your hands often.

Don’t touch your face, eyes or mouth.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or shoulder instead of your shoulder.

Don’t overuse antibiotics. Your body can develop a tolerance to them, rendering those strains ineffective when needed.

Disinfect your home often, especially your kitchen and bathroom. Surfaces that get touched often are also important, like door handles and TV remotes.

Don’t share personal items. Toothbrushes should be unique to each person. Also, cosmetic make up should be different for each person as eyes and mouths are susceptible for spreading disease.

Prepare food well, in a clean environment.

Travel wisely. Don’t travel while sick to avoid spreading germs. Also, take precautions before traveling to stay healthy while traveling. Don’t unnecessarily travel to locations that have high disease rates.

Understand how the disease is spread and what the life of it is outside the body.

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