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Blog - Emergency Medical Kit

Threats of Supervolcano Eruption Loom


The Supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park has been the topic of discussion and controversy for years. It’s a dormant caldera that spans nearly 60 miles of the northwestern corner of Wyoming. The big question of if it will erupt or is it dying is on the mind of many scientists as they watch and monitor its activity as it changes and raises the geysers. If it did erupt, there would be no stopping it and it would create catastrophic disaster, potentially wiping out the population of most of the United States and impacting much of the planet indirectly.

It’s situations like this that present the need for being prepared for any disaster, natural or human-caused. With our environment and weather patterns changing, we are in a vulnerable time for natural disasters. The floods in Colorado in the fall of 2013, the massive amounts of snow in New England, the fires in California are all causes for a need to be prepared for emergencies.

Knowing how to be prepared is a big job that we can help you with. Our backgrounds in the medical field and our desire to educate you so you too can be prepared inspired us start Doom and Bloom™. We have a wide inventory with emergency preparedness kits to help with medical emergencies and survival during times where the help isn’t available. Stock up on supplies like a personal water filter or a copy of the Emergency Medical Handbook. We also sell full dental kits to protect against dental infections or take care of emergencies.

Emergency Medical Kit to Prevent Ebola

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is being called the worst in history. For the first time in the disease's existence, it has not been eradicated in a matter of months. In fact, some experts are predicting that the current Ebola outbreak could turn into a full blown endemic. According to the CDC, the risk [...]

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Don't Go Hiking Without an Emergency Preparedness Kit

There is nothing quite like heading out on the trail for a day out in Mother Nature. Hiking is a wonderful way to get your heart beating and enjoy the great outdoors. However, no matter what anyone may tell you, hiking can be dangerous, and you never know what could happen. That is why we [...]

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Peace of Mind With An Emergency Medical Kit

We believe that it is always better to be prepared. You never know when disaster might hit, and you don’t want to be that person without supplies. What makes us different than other companies that provide emergency supplies, is our attention to detail. We are a true mom and pop shop and are passionate about [...]

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Equip Yourself With an Emergency Preparedness Kit

You may have heard about the devastating tornadoes that hit Pilger, Nebraska on Monday. Dual tornadoes ripped through the town, destroying more than half of it. A five year old was killed in the storm, and at least nineteen other people were injured. This storm is one example of the many natural disasters that we [...]

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A Great Addition to Your Emergency Medical Kit

In many of our previous blogs we have discussed the importance of being prepared with one of our emergency medical kits. By keeping one of our doctor prepared kits around, you can be ready to handle a variety of medical emergencies. While these kits are great to have with you at all times, if you [...]

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How A Survival First Aid Kit Can Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

With new episodes of the hit show, The Walking Dead, airing every single week, it has us thinking about what you would actually need to survive a real zombie apocalypse. It seems like for the characters of that show, food and guns are easy to access, but what do they always need? Medical equipment! In [...]

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A New Kind of Emergency Medical Kit

Are you serious about being prepared for every emergency? Are you sick of the cookie cutter medical kits at your local grocery store or pharmacy? If this describes you, then you need to turn to Doom and Bloom. We are your premier source for emergency medical kits, and ours are like nothing you have ever [...]

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