ChitoSAM™ Gauze 100 3" x 6 feet

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ChitoSAM™ 100 3" x 6 feet is a high-performance hemostatic GAUZE, non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. **Hypoallergenic, no cross allergic reaction with shellfish allergies.

  • Extremely thick, soft material throughout.
  • Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly, its ease of use is extremely effective.
  • Works independently from the body’s normal clotting processes.
  • Innovative package design allows for quick access to ChitoSAM™ 100, tearable from any side.
Due to the extensive history of chitosan use in emergency, military, and retail first-aid, ChitoSAM™ 100 is optimized to be easy-to-use, stopping the bleed fast.

Bottom line: Easy to apply rapidly, easy to remove from wound.

>>2019 Note from Nurse Amy after actual use:

This product has an amazing softness, which I can only describe like a fluffy soft blanket. I have used it for severe nose bleeding I had while in Las Vegas during the 2019 Shot Show. It stopped my bleeding very fast, it was comfortable to leave in place for a few hours and was easily removed without causing further bleeding. It did not stick to the bleeding area or pull off the clot.