First Aid Belt Gunshot Kit GRAB N GO™

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A lighter, even more compact version of our popular Gunshot Kit. This Belt Gunshot kit gives you the ability to stop significant hemorrhage with quality components, and all in a military-grade Voodoo Tactical bag.

Total weight is less than 1 pound.

Fits comfortably on your belt or attached to any bag or backpack.

Available in OD Green or Black.

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1 Illustrated Waterproof Instructions

1 Blue Face Mask-surgical 3 ply

5 Hand Sanitizer Packets

1 CAT GEN7 Tourniquet: Choice of Black or Bright Orange

1 ChitoSam Gauze Z-Fold 6 feet (or Combat Gauze QuikClot 12 feet)

1 Compression Bandage Dressing

1 EMT Shears

6 Nitrile Gloves

1 Mylar Emergency Blanket

1 Red Permanent Marker


Exchange ChitoSam to Quikclot Combat Gauze 12 ft.,extra cost

Add NPA 28 fr. extra small cost