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First Aid Kit Family Size GRAB N GO™ (HSA/FSA friendly name) The World's Best Family First Aid Kit! Includes over 1000 items!

Also known as: ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ KIT SURVIVAL KIT (GRAB N GO®) and the "Kitchen Sink" first aid kit.

The ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ KIT is the most comprehensive kit on the market for those who can expect to be medically responsible in off-grid, austere settings. This kit is designed by a medical doctor/nurse practitioner team to deal with emergencies as well as long-term care . It allows for treatment of multiple injuries and illnesses in situations where evacuation to modern medical care is not an option.

Our fully stocked medical kits are the highest quality for their size, weight, and price. Compare with any other and you’ll see that the ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ KIT has everything you need to handle most off-grid issues. Similar to our STOMP SUPREME® kit, but with some supplies swapped out to allow for inclusion of a dental kit and, for when the meds run out, an assortment of essential oils, teas, salves, and tinctures. A comparison of the two can be found here.

The ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ KIT is one of the rarest of commodities: Medical supplies that combine the best of conventional and alternative items that will keep your loved ones healthy in good times or bad.

The ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ KIT  is expertly hand-packed in the USA and fully stocked in a sturdy military-grade padded backpack with YKK zippers made by VooDoo Tactical with numerous compartments, mesh pockets, and elastic loops for easy and rapid item access and identification. All of our name-brand products in this kit are trademarked, original, new, and purchased directly from the manufacturer or first line authorized distributors. For example, our Israeli bandage is tightly vacuum packed, unlike “fake” products.

This is not just a bag for minor injuries. It’s stocked with professional grade medical supplies for serious traumatic injuries including deep lacerations, stab and gunshot wounds, as well as common first aid issues like burns, sprains and bug bites. Most of our kits’ items are packed in water-proof individual bags to protect contents from leakage, rain, or an accidental immersion.

We pride ourselves in offering customization of our kit to our customers. You can choose from different tourniquets, blood-clotting dressings, and much more. Additional modules for specialized issues like dental issues, eye trauma, nasal trauma, labor and delivery, essential oils, and more can also be ordered. These are packed in their own sturdy, high quality bags.

Don’t be fooled by Chinese imitations that claim to be "the same" as our kits. Most tactical stomp bags are almost 100% pre-filled with knockoff items and shipped to the USA for resale. We hand-pack our bags with authentic supplies that are not knock-off Ebay or used surplus.

Our contents are clearly listed, including amounts, sizes and brand names if applicable. We do not heat seal any items in a mylar bag that does not allow you to see into nor access repeatedly. All of our plastic bags are clear and resealable.

No other company on the market will provide the level of attention that the Alton First Aid®/Doom and Bloom Medical®/Grab N Go® family devotes to each and every detail. We don’t leave you without education, either. Every kit purchase includes a FREE copy of “The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide For When Help Is Not On The Way,” now in its #1 bestselling 700-page 4th Edition.

Our ULTIMATE FAMILY MEDICAL™ kit has so many supplies, you can take some out and make your own individual first aid kit without making a dent in it. We’ll even send you a free Voodoo pouch for the purpose!

See the bottom of this list for the medical issues covered with the supplies included in this often imitated, but never duplicated trauma kit. Approximate weight is 24 pounds.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping. These kits are hand-packed when your order is placed in order to guarantee the longest shelf life. If expedited shipping is required, please notify us at:      

  We send these kits by FedEx with signature.       

Special Options:

Bulk rate discount $50 per bag when purchasing 2 or more Family Medical Bags (automatic savings in checkout).

Add an Emergency Labor and Delivery OB Kit, with 1 Special Suture Kit, and the discounted price is $119 (Regular price is $159.98).








Hemostatic dressings x 1

-Choose from ChitoSam Gauze 6 ft. , Celox Rapid 5ft., or Quikclot Gauze 12 ft. on product options

1 Military-grade Tourniquet

-Choose from CAT, SOFF-T or SAM XT Military Approved Tourniquet (see videos on each one if needed)

1 SWAT Tourniquet (as a back-up tourniquet and a primary tourniquet for small children, thin-armed elderly, or animals)

1 HYFIN Chest Seal 2 Pack Vented (Entry and Exit wound seals) or Halo Chest Seal 2 pack

1 Styptic Pencil (proven to stop minor bleeding)

6 Oral BERMAN AIRWAYS from pediatric to large adult sizes (to prevent airway blockage)

1 CPR protective mask with valve

1 Israeli/Emergency Bandages 6", sterile (compression dressing)

1 Israeli/Emergency Bandages 4", sterile (compression dressing) >added February 18, 2022

1 Permanent marker, red



2 pair Nitrile hypoallergenic sterile gloves size 8

20 Nitrile hypoallergenic non-sterile gloves

20 Surgical face masks 3 ply

1 Scrub brush

1 Hand sanitizer, 2oz

5 Biohazard bags, red (x3 ten gallon, x2 -33 gallon)



6 Raw Unprocessed Honey .45oz

40 Gauze pads, Sterile 4 inch x 4 inch, 12ply

2 Multi-trauma dressings, Sterile military style, XL 10 inch by 30 inch

200 Gauze, sterile, 4 inch x 4 inch gauze pads 12 ply

10 ABD/Combine, sterile, thick gauze pads, 5 inch x 9 inch

20 Telfa/non-stick gauze pads, sterile. 3 inch x 4 inch

6 Kerlix gauze rolls, non sterile, 6 inch  x 6 feet

1 Coban or other self-adherent wrap

2 “Blood-Stopper” sterile dressings

1 Lap sponge, sterile

1 OR towel, sterile

20 Alcohol antiseptic pads

18 BZK antiseptic wipes

20 Betadine antiseptic packets

1 Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 4oz

1 Bacitracin antibiotic ointment



20 Cotton-tipped applicators, sterile (10 packages of 2)

60 assorted Cotton balls/squares/Q-tips combo

1 Razor, disposable

1 Paper tape 1" x 10 yards

1 Cloth tape 1" x 10 yards

1 Duct tape 2" x 5 yards

4 Chux waterproof pads

1 Wound irrigation syringes, 60cc

60 Adhesive bandages, assorted sizes

5 Extra-large adhesive bandages, 2 inch x 3 inch

2 Super-Glue packets (wound closure option)


1 Stapler Kit:

  • 1 Sterile skin stapler, disposable with 35 regular staples
  • 1 Sterile skin staple remover
  • 2 Adson’s Forceps
  • 2 Antibiotic ointment packets
  • 4 povidone-iodine wipes
  • 1 Chux waterproof pad
  • 4 Nitrile glove


1 Suture Kit in Sterile Package:

  • 1 Needle Holder
  • 1 Adson's forceps
  • 1 Suture scissors
  • 1 Curved Kelly clamp
  • 5 Sterile field drapes
  • 2-sided Instruction Sheet for Suturing
  • 2 Antibiotic ointment packets
  • 4 povidone-iodine wipes
  • 4 Nitrile gloves

100  “Butterfly bandages” 

2 Tincture of Benzoin ampules, swabs or wipes (to secure Steri-Strips)

6 Silk sterile sutures 2-0/3-0 (non-absorbable, x3 2-0 and x3 3-0 sizes)

2 Chromic sterile sutures 4-0 (absorbable)



1 Pulse oximeter (batteries included)

1 Reflex hammer

1 Head lamp (batteries included)

4 Glow sticks, 12 Hour

1 Blood pressure cuff & stethoscope kit

1 Thermometer

1 Doctor's pen light

1 Magnifying glass

4 Scalpels, sterile


Instruments (100% Stainless Steel):

  • 1 Bandage scissors 7.25" - HEAVY duty ALL METAL (NO plastic)
  • 1 Mayo scissors
  • 1 Tweezers
  • 1 Iris/nail scissors
  • 2 Curved Kelly clamps
  • 1 Straight Kelly clamp



1 #150 Upper retractor

1 #150 Lower retractor

1 #23 Extractor

1 #301 Dental Elevator

1 Dental scraper/pick combo

1 Clove oil organic dental anesthetic

1 Zinc oxide powder large packet (to mix with clove oil for temporary dental fillings)

1 Dental mirror

6 Pill cups or Weighing papers to mix dental cement

10 Tongue depressors

60-100 Dental picks

1 Dental floss, container

1 Oral analgesic with 20% Benzocaine, or packets



1 Elastikon orthopedic tape 1 inch x 15 yards

4 Emergency Solar/Mylar blankets

20 Insect Repellent packets

1 Cervical collar, 3 inch, Universal size

4 Ace Wrap 4" bandages w/clips

4 Triangular bandages with safety pins

1 SAM Medical malleable padded splint 4 inch x 36 inches

1 SAM Medical malleable padded finger splint

2 Instant ice packs

2 Reusable hot/cold packs

1 Muscle and joint pain reliever ointment/cream

1 Fels Naphtha, Poison Ivy/Oak soap bar

1 Regular bath soap bar

12 Sting Relief wipes

4 Moleskin sheets 4”x4”

1 Gold Bond® medicated body powder

1 Lip balm

2 Burn Spray with Lidocaine 2%, 2oz each

1 Clotrimazone anti-fungal cream

1 Hydrocortisone cream or packets

20 packets Petroleum jelly

2 Back patches, pain relief 



1 Eyewash, sterile, 4oz

1 Eye Cup

4 Eye pads, sterile



50 Potable Aqua(tm) water purification germicidal tablets

4 Rehydration salt packets (World Health Organization formula

1 Emergency Water bag, 8 liter



Handmade Salve Set:

  • 1 Aches Away Arnica Salve
  • 1 Heavenly Healer Calendula Salve
  • 1 Breathe Better Cold and Cough Salve

16 Organic teas, 4 Bags each:

  • Chamomile,
  • Echinacea,
  • Ginger,
  • Senna

10 Lemon Powder packets

6 Organic Essential Oils ¼oz each (plus the clove oil for dental use):

  • Eucalyptus,
  • Lavender,
  • Peppermint,
  • Rosemary,
  • Tea Tree
  • Olive Oil (2oz to mix and blend oils to dilute for application)

1 Pain Organic Herbal Tincture

1 Sleep Organic Herbal Tincture



ADDITIONAL MEDICATIONS: (Quantities vary, will be as high as possible, may contain extra medications as available, like Pepto)

 Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol)

 Aspirin tabs

 Diphenhydramine tabs(generic Benadryl)

 Ibuprofen tabs (generic Advil)

 Anti-Diarrheal Tabs

 Laxative Tab




1 Survival Medicine Handbook 4th Edition

2 Bleeding control instructions (1 for your choice of Tourniquet, 1 for SWAT tourniquet)

1 Sam Splint instruction booklet

1 CPR/first aid booklet




Professional training and education focused on how to use many items included in this bag is required and highly recommended. If available, a person with serious wounds should always seek immediate emergency medical attention with qualified professionals in modern facilities.

This product is meant for use in off-grid, austere settings when modern medicine is not an option. The practice of medicine without a license is illegal and punishable by law. By purchasing these items, you warrant to Doom and Bloom, LLC, that you have the appropriate training and supervision to use these devices, or that you will be using these devices for training purposes only. Doom and Bloom, LLC, and its subsidiaries assume no liability for any injuries, harm or damage arising from the use or misuse of any products, items or written materials.


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  • 5
    Amazing but hopefully never seriously required!

    Posted by Mike on 14th Jan 2021

    I've gone through most of the kit and it's very well thought out, comprehensive in nearly every way. I didn't expect it to weigh 30lbs when ordering it, you will be impressed!!

  • 5
    I mean wow...just wow!

    Posted by Jim on 6th Mar 2020

    I just received my family size grab and go and I absolutely expected high quality items but I got way more than I bargained for! This thing is huge! Its packed with superb items of a very high quality and information on its use. I love this thing and will be placing more orders soon. Thanks Dr bones and Nurse Amy!

  • 5
    Great pack !!

    Posted by K. Hartman on 27th Nov 2019

    This pack is BIG! It is called the kitchen sink pac.,and yes,I think it has just about everything on this site in it. Too much too describe. All packed in bags, all put into place. As I un-zipped each compartment , it took my breath away at how much was put in this bag. I highly recommend this bag for emergency treatment.

  • 5
    What a Medical "Bag"!

    Posted by Ken on 27th Feb 2019

    Well packaged and so much--I'm still going through all the items in this "kit" so I know what I have.

  • 5
    Yes, it has that.

    Posted by John on 11th Dec 2018

    This is what a first aid kit should be. I researched every “comprehensive” first aid kit I could for over a year and always came back to this one. There just isn’t a kit made that beats it. The contents are all great quality items and it really has just about everything you could need for most situations. Nurse Amy was right when she called this kit the “kitchen sink”. I would recommend Doom and Bloom, and their products, to anyone. Nurse Amy was personable, friendly and fantastic through all of my questions and really made me feel like she cared about what she does and valued my business. Shipping was super quick and everything arrived packed well and protected. A great buying experience from a fantastic small business that I will continue to support.