One of a Kind Survival First Aid Kits

3rd Dec 2013

We specialize in selling one of a kind survival first aid kits. Our products are completely unique and no one else offers anything close to what we offer. Every bag and kit that we sell is put together by an experienced doctor and a knowledgeable nurse. We hand select each and every item that we choose. There is never any unnecessary filler in any of our bags.

If you are a looking for an all in one kit that has everything that you could possibly need, we suggest Dr. Bones’ Stomp Trauma Plus Medic bag. This bag is designed for every kind first aid need. You can treat everything from a minor scrape to something as severe as a gunshot wound. You never know what kind of situations you might get in during an emergency, and it is our goal to help you be as prepared as possible.

It is a wonderful start to have all of the medical equipment that you need, but knowledge is the best tool that you can have. We suggest purchasing a copy of The Survival Medicine Handbook. This is a guide on how to deal with any disaster. This phenomenal book give you instructions for over 100 medical situations. We will even sign a copy for you!

In any emergency it is always best to turn to a professional, but when no one is available to help, having the tools and the knowledge can make all of the difference. Shop our site today for the best survival first aid kits and more.