PGA Absorbable (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture, Sterile 2-0, 3-0 or 4-0 sizes

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Sterile PGA Absorbable (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture, Sterile

Choices: 2-0, 3-0 or 4-0 sizes

Buy 10, get 1 full box of 12.

2-0 on CT needle, 3-0 on CT needle. 4-0 on SH needle.

All are 1/2 circle and taper point. Taper point surgical needles pierce and spread tissue without cutting it. They are ideal for suturing delicate, soft tissue when minimal trauma is desired.

Synthetic absorbable braided suture

  • Extremely strong
  • Retains 60%-70% tensile strength at 14 days
  • Excellent knot security
  • Precision braided construction designed to provide secure knotting
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Unique calcium stearate coating ensures smooth tissue passage with minimal trauma to tissue
  • Rapid absorbtion rate
  • Absorbs between 60-90 days after placement
  • Excellent pliability
  • Braided construction allows for excellent handling properties
  • Composition: Polyglycolic acid
  • Absorbtion Type: Absorbtion by hydrolysis
  • Structure: Braided
  • Thread Color: Violet
  • Coating: Calcium Stearate
  • Comparable to Vicryl*

    *Vicryl is a registered trademark of Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson Company.