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Our Stomp Plus Trauma Survival Bag is our first aid kit answer for those who want to be able to deal with both minor and major traumatic injuries PLUS much, much more.

With hundreds of items, this Stomp First Aid Trauma kit will allow you to treat everything from severe sprains to bleeding wounds. Lightweight, fully stocked and hand-packed in the USA by us.

Not just a bag with gauze and a bunch of bandaids, this bag is TOTALLY unique! There is no other bag in this price range like it the whole world. It includes a skin stapler kit and a complete suture kit WITH sutures, PLUS so much more.

More supplies for the emergencies expected, not just for "trauma". This is a bag for multiple medical issues. Don't be fooled by competitors "trauma" only focused bags, your real issues will be much more varied.

This is the most comprehensive first aid kit on the market for its size, weight and price! Feel free to compare our kit to any other like it, we know you will be 100% satisfied with our design, extensive contents and pricing.

Our Family Bag and Stomp Supreme are the only other more comprehensive bags on the market anywhere.

No other company on the market will provide this level of attention to each and every detail like Doom and Bloom Medical does. We care about our customers like you are family.

Important Notice: We do not use knock-off products. All of our name-brand products in this kit are trademarked, original, new, and purchased directly from the manufacturer or first line authorized distributors. The Israeli bandage package is tightly vacuum packed, unlike fake products.

The total weight is only 19lbs., including the military-grade padded and comfortable backpack made by Voodoo Tactical. Chinese knockoffs will claim to be "the same" but don't be fooled by such claims. I only purchase VooDoo Tactical bags from VooDoo reps directly. Non-VooDoo Tactical Stomp bags are almost 100% pre-filled with knockoff items and shipped to the USA for resell. We hand-pack our bags with real supplies.


This is the most ELITE Stomp Kit on the market anywhere for it's contents and price. Produced in the USA, designed by USA medical professionals, more items than any other similarly priced kit and not shipped from overseas to hundreds of "dealers" who mark up the price. Only our Stomp Supreme and Family Bag can beat it!

** NOW our book "The Survival Medicine Handbook" is included for FREE with this bag**

Color choices can be selected at the checkout process by adding a "note to seller". Available colors are: Red, Black, Coyote, or OD Green. If no color choice is indicated, a color will be sent based on available inventory at the time of your order. Red is now available again as of 2/01/2017



Trauma and Bleeding Supplies

1 CAT, SOFF-T or SAM XT Military Approved Tourniquet (see videos on each one if needed)

1 SWAT Tourniquet (as a back-up tourniquet and a primary tourniquet for children, elderly and anyone with thin arms)

1 Celox 5 ft. Gauze, or  ChitoSam Gauze 6ft or UPGRADE to QuikClot Combat Gauze 12ft 

1 Hyfin TWIN Pack Chest Seals (entry and exit seals) *New 04/04/2018

2 Waterproof Instructions "How to Stop Bleeding" (1 SWAT tourniquet, 1 SOFT or CAT tourniquet)

1 Styptic Pencil (proven to help stop minor bleeding)

6 Oral BERMAN AIRWAYS from pediatric to large adult sizes- Used to prevent airway blockage from allergic reactions while benadryl or an epi-pen is administered

1 CPR w/Valve deluxe protection mask

10 Ammonia inhalants (1 box of 10)

1 Israeli/Emergency Bandage 6-inch

1 RED permanent marker


Personal Protection Supplies:

4 Nitrile Hypoallergenic Sterile Large gloves size 8 (2 pair)

20 Face Masks Blue- surgical 3ply (new Sept 17 2020)

20 Nitrile Hypoallergenic Non-sterile gloves

1 Hand Sanitizer 2oz.


1 Raw Unprocessed Honey 3.5 oz.

20 Gauze 12ply 4” x 4" Sterile (known as “Four by Fours”)

2 Multi-Trauma STERILE dressings Extra Large size 10" x 30"

200· Caring woven gauze 12-ply (extra thick) 4” x 4" non-sterile- Large "Brick", gauze can be used to stop bleeding and for cleaning wounds

10 Combine/ABD Pads STERILE (abdominal dressing) 5" x 9"

10 Telfa/Non-Stick gauze STERILE 3” x 4”  (excellent for burn dressings)

6 Rolled Kerlix gauze 6" length

1 Coban, Sensi Wrap, or Self-Adherent Wrap (great to hold dressings onto extremities without tape)

2 Blood-Stopper STERILE Dressings (1 ABD pad and 2 kerlix rolls attaches)

1 Sterile OR Towel

20 Alcohol pads (great for cleaning instruments or your hands before putting on gloves)

18 BZK Antiseptic wipes (studies show this wipe used after animal bites may decrease rabies transmission)

20 Betadine packets (add 1 or 2 wipes to "drinkable" water for an antiseptic solution)

1 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% large bottle 4 oz. (recommended as a gum and oral hygiene mouth wash)

1 Triple-Antibiotic Ointment Tube .33oz or Bacitracin 1 oz.



1 Razor, disposable (to remove hair for taping or wound closure areas)

90 Cotton balls/squares/Q-tips combo

20 Cotton Tipped Applicators, Sterile (2 per package x 10)

1 Paper tape 1" x 10 yards

1 Cloth tapes 1" x 10 yards

1 Duct tape 2" x 5 yards

4 Chux waterproof pads (for use as a clean area to lay out medical supplies in an austere location)

1 60 cc wound irrigation syringe (excellent for strong irrigation and cleaning of wounds)

60 Assorted sizes of bandages

5 Ex Large Bandaids

2 Super Glue packets 


1 Skin Stapler STERILE disposable with 35 regular staples

1 Skin Stapler STERILE remover

2 Adson Forceps (for use during stapling)
1 Suture Kit:

   1 Adson's Forceps

   1 Needle Driver/Holder

   1 Suture Scissors

   1 Curved Kelly Clamp

   5 Sterile Field and Drapes, gauze

*** 2 sided Picture Instruction Sheet for Suturing***

plus 4 nitrile gloves, 2 betadine wipes and 1 antibiotic cream

12 Steri-strips ½” x 4” (x2 envelopes of 6 strips)

2 Silk sterile sutures 2-0/3-0 (Non-Absorbing)


1 Head Lamp w/Batteries included

1 Blood-Pressure Cuff &

1 Stethoscope 

1 Thermometer

1 Doctor's Pen light

2 Glow Sticks, Green, 12 Hour


All Instruments are 100% Stainless Steel:

1 Bandage scissors 7.25" - HEAVY duty ALL METAL (NO plastic)

1 Mayo Scissors

1 Tweezers, metal

1 Iris/nail scissors

1 Curved or straight Kelly clamp


1 Dentek Temparin Max, lost tooth Dental filling and loose tooth repair kit

10 Tongue Depressors

10 Oral Analgesic Pain Relief packets(new May 3, 2020)


Cervical Collar 3" - universal size

1 Elastikon orthopedic tape 1" x 15 yards 

10 Insect Repellent packets (new May 3, 2020)

4 Ace Wrap 4" bandages w/clips

4 Triangular bandages + Safety pins

1 Sam Splint 36"- padded conforming (commonly called "sam" splint material)

1 Sam Splint Finger Size - padded conforming

1 Sam Splint Official Guide to Sam splint uses

2 disposable Ice packs

2 Reusable Hot/Cold Packs

1 Pain Reliever Balm

1 Fels Naptha, Poison Ivy/Oak Soap

12 Sting Relief Wipes

1 Soap Bar (important for daily hygiene and sanitation)

1 Molepad thick sheet

4 Emergency Solar/MYLAR blankets

1 Gold Bond® Medicated body powder

1 Lip balm

1 Sunscreen SPF 30 4oz

4 ·Burn Jel Individual PacketsLidocaine HCl 2.0 % (excellent burn treatment with lidocaine)

1 Athlete's foot cream

1 Hydrocortisone Cream or 20 individual packets

1 Petroleum Jelly



1 Eyewash 4 oz.

1 Eyecup

4 Eye pads



 2 Waterproof Matches Box

 4 Rehydration Salt Packets



40 Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol)

60 Aspirin 

36 Diphenhydramine (generic benadryl)

40 Ibuprofen (generic advil)

24 Non-Drowsy Nasal Decongestant (phenylephrine HCl 10mg)



Education included:


1 Survival Medicine Handbook


1 Sam Splint Instruction Booklet


1 CPR/First Aid Booklet



1   DELUXE MEDIC BAG by VooDoo Tactical 


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  • 5
    Outstanding trauma bag

    Posted by Gary on 22nd Mar 2016

    I had been wanting to get a quality bag that would meet the needs for me and a few neighbors. This kit meets those needs. Received the bag about 1 week after ordering, very quick service. Bag is very well organized with supplies for any trauma I could imagine. Tools were good quality. Well worth the money. I will be getting the grab and go bag and the medium trauma bag for my cars and a few neighbors. I would recommend this for anyone preparing for SHTF or any other natural disaster. You have this you will be prepared.

  • 4
    Great kit - Great customer service

    Posted by Blake on 23rd Jul 2014

    This kit is really amazing. The backpack is very well organized. Everything is set up by the type of emergency you are treating. This leads to some redundancy on some of the items (gloves, for example, are located in several places) but I see that as a good thing. I don't have to search around as much which is good because this pack is pretty large. Make sure you have the space for it somewhere. We planned to take it camping with us but it is actually too big for us to fit it with the rest of our gear. We now use it for anything that might happen around the house. We feel very prepared, even overly prepared (I probably wouldn't use the suture or staple kit...above my experience level.). Their customer service is great. I had a couple meds that came expired. Amy was very apologetic and quickly sent out new meds. They actually went above and beyond though and sent out ALL new meds. Truly above and beyond. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I am not very impressed with the stethoscope. It is difficult to even hear my heartbeat from my chest or my lung sounds, much less listening for blood pressure. It is so quiet that ANY sound in the house makes it all but impossible. The blood pressure cuff works fine (it leaks slowly though even before you release the valve. It still works though.) but the stethoscope is barely usable. I will end up giving it to my kids as a toy and replacing it with the one I got in my EMT course. Spend the extra money and order another one. I use the Littmann Classic II SE. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and I may even buy a second one eventually.