Stop Bleeding Fast Kit: Easy, Quick and Effective Mini Size

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Limited Time Offer Stop Bleeding Kit Mini Size: Easy, Quick and Effective.

1 SWAT tourniquet (can change to SOF-T, CAT or SAM XT Tourniquets)> multipurpose works great on both kids and pets, also as an ace bandage, sling and to secure splint material

1 Mini Pressure Bandage> acts like an Israeli dressing but without the plastic bar, more compact in size

1 ChitoSam Hemostatic Gauze (or Celox Gauze Z-Fold or QuikClot Combat Gauze) > stops moderate and severe bleeding, size is 3 inches by 6 feet

(Plus 1 pair of EMT shears and 4 nitrile gloves included of course!)

Pouch may vary.