Trucker First Aid Trauma Kit

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Alton First Aid’s Trucker First Aid Trauma Kit is designed to handle trauma and other medical issues for those who spend lots of time on the road.

Compact and lightweight, the kit still has the ability to deal with various types of injuries.

The Trucker First Aid Kit includes a tourniquet, pressure bandage, blood-clotting gauze, wound closure materials, and much, much more. Designed by medical professionals to give the motorist options that can save lives on and off the road.


1 Larger version of the Gunshot Bag (empty) >bigger bag for easier access


10 Venom Nitrile Gloves


10 Hand Sanitizer packets


1 SWAT Tourniquet (multi use)


1 ChitoSam Hemostatic Gauze (3” x 6 feet >> newest hemostatic gauze) > retail $42.99


2 Compressed Gauze (12 ft)


1 Israeli Pressure Emergency Dressing 6” 


2 ABD pads 5" x 9"


10 Sterile 4” x 4” Gauze (5 packs of 2)


2 Sterile 6” Roller Gauze


1 Ace wrap 4”


1 Roll Paper tape


1 EMT scissors


1 Triangular Bandage


1 super glue


10 Bacitracin


20 Bandaid 1” x 3”


10 Ex Large Bandaid 2” x 4”


1 Sheet 3M sterile steri  strips


1 3M Tincture of Benzoin (adhesive to make the steri strips stick better)




10 Alcohol


10 Betadine


2 Raw Honey packets


First Aid Booklet


Waterproof instructions for SWAT