USB Flash Drive Alton First Aid Presentation Set for Computers and USB Port TVs

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Get all 4 of our Educational Presentations on a single USB memory stick for a combined price of $59.00 which saves you over $30!

This will play on TVs with a USB port and computers who download or have a VLN player (see below they are free).


All USB sticks play on both computers and TVs with USB ports.


Each of these presentations are full of useful education for your family's health and safety!


The USB stick includes at least 27 files including:

1. Complete Wound Care Suture/Staple Class (5 files including suturing and stapling demonstration videos)

2. Survival Medicine

3. Complete Guide to Medical Supplies

4. Pandemic Preparedness.

5. BONUS VIDEOS! Including tourniquet demonstrations, eye injuries, nasal injuries, and much much more.


Disaster Preparedness Supply List

Survival Medicine Gauze

Ten Critical Principles of Tourniquet Use

SWAT Tourniquet Use and Demonstration

CAT Tourniquet Use and Demonstration

Triangular Bandage Use and Demonstrations

What Are Expiration Dates

Eye Emergencies & First Aid Kit

How to Stop a Nosebleed

The Broken Nose

Animal Bites Treatment and Wound Care

How to Treat Stab Wounds and Stop Bleeding

Stop Bleeding Demonstration using Direct Pressure

Stop Bleeding Demonstration using a Tourniquet

Orthopedic Injuries and How to Wrap an Ankle and Use Sam Splints

Treating Minor Wounds and Demonstration

Treating Constipation

How To Do A neurological Exam and Demonstration






For PC computers who use Microsoft Apps: Select the "ANY MEDIA PLAYER" app and download it (it is free) which will play all the files on this USB. Any player that says it plays "VLC" files will work also.

1. Right click the video you want to see

2.then click "OPEN WITH" and

3. select the "ANY MEDIA PLAYER" (after you have downloaded it from the Microsoft Apps)


I researched also this and found this FREE program that will play the USB files for you on your computer.

Click the link above.

Download the VLC MEDIA PLAYER program and the use it to play the USB files. 

It is a file player program for computers, and has worked 100% for every customer!