Waterproof Case Black 13in x 10.5in x 7in

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This is the ultimate waterproof case. Thick, solid and made to handle tough situations.
The case is made with high impact ABS plastic, which makes it durable, long-lasting and crush-proof, so it won’t break in case you drop it.
The reliable stainless steel hinge and latch pins are corrosion resistant.
Plus it is rated to 80 feet (24 meters) underwater!

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*Fits several of our kits:

Dental Kit (with Canvas bag left on, unlike the smaller waterproof case which requires removal of the bag)
Ultimate Pocket Kit
Ultimate Compact Kit
Gunshot Kit
Motorcycle Kit
Belt Kit
Suture Kit

Staple Kit
Car Grab N Go kits (the canvas bag will be removed and contents organized in plastic bags)



11.93in x 9.02in x 5.98in


12.81in x 10.36in x 6.64in

Key Features:
  • High impact resistant ABS plastic

  • Stainless steel hinge pins

  • Rated to 80 feet (24 meters) underwater (IPX6)

  • Waterproof and crush-proof and dust-proof

  • Versatile dry box perfect for carrying personal items: professional camera, handgun with magazines or music equipment.

  • Pressure valve and locking options for securing the case and TSA approval

  • Lifetime warranty

No foam included so the kits will fit nicely.