A Board Game Brought to You By the Makers of the Very Best Disaster Preparedness Kit

16th Apr 2014

How do you see yourself reacting in the midst of a disaster? It's incredibly difficult to know.  At Doom and Bloom we have set out to do what we can to help our customers to be prepared for many kinds of situations, which is why we offer the best disaster preparedness kits and more. We are proud to say that we have created our very own Survival Board Game; this is the first game about survival that was created by actual survivalists! 

 It is easy to say that you would keep your head and your cool in the midst of a disaster, but the truth is that no one actually knows what they would do or how they would react. We all like to think that we would be the hero, fighting for our weaker comrades and saving the day, but in reality some of us are going to be that person hiding in the corner. Our Survival game is one of the best out there because it examines realistic situations and real life or death decisions that you may have to face. This is the only game of it's kind, no other game offers real life situations written by real life survivalists, not just entertainment writers. 

Although our board game is just a game, pandemics and natural disasters aren't uncommon. Whether it happens in the form of an Ebola outbreak in Guinea or a devastating mudslide in Seattle, things happen all the time. In these types of situations, your best chance for survival is being prepared, and our emergency survival kits are your best bet for preparedness. Be ready for whatever life throws at you by shopping with us today.