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Tampons for Wounds and Bleeding: They Absorb Blood, NOT stop Bleeding

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Tampons for Bleeding

Tampons are actually meant to absorb blood, not coagulate blood. That is why we (women) put them where we do.

They do not stop bleeding in a wound. It is not their action, nor their intention.

If bleeding stops after you happened to insert one of these (ever) in a wound it was because the body triggered the clotting cascade and made a clot, not because you shoved a tampon inside the wound. 

Direct pressure will stop bleeding in 80-90% of bleeding wounds. Basically any material, including pressure dressings or any cotton-like material used between the wound and the bleeding vessel with firm, hard, direct pressure will stop the bleeding.

In the other 10-20% of bleeding wounds, tourniquets and hemostatic agents like Celox, are your best choice.

However, if the wound is about 1/2 inch wide, a tampon with direct pressure application, may be a good option if no other option is available like tourniquets or hemostatics. As a last resort, you do with what you have. Just remember most wounds will not be this exact size, and hopefully you will have other options if you prepared for such an event.

Tampons are awesome for absorbing blood, and absorbing and absorbing etc. 

As a trial, just stick one in a glass of water. Then squeeze it. Does it provide resistance? No. It is squishy and soggy. No compression, no bleeding hemostatic effect. These are not for wound bleeding. 

However, if you have a nosebleed, because the entrance is so narrow and constricted, unlike our expanding and elastic "lady parts", it will help as long as you apply direct pressure to the upper nose and pinch hard.

But this is new evidence that Tampons may not be safe for any use:

"Many people over the course of evidence presented have chosen to swap to organic foods as a measure of self-preservation. Unfortunately, a new study has exposed more damning evidence of Glyphosate presence in other essential products; this time, in tampons.

According to a recent study, the University of La Plata has documented up to 85 percent of all samples of tampons tested, as containing glyphosate. The “probably carcinogenic” substance, according to the World Health Organization last year, is present in the cotton gauze used in tampons."

Be safe and healthy. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Amy Alton, ARNP

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