First Aid Kits Can Save Lives: Do You Have the Right One?

First Aid Kits Can Save Lives: Do You Have the Right One?

Posted by Amy Alton, ARNP on 14th Mar 2016

First Aid kits can save lives. There have been many disasters, like floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, both here, and around the world. There never seems to be a day without some terrible situation appearing on the news. What if you are camping, hiking, boating or just out biking and someone gets hurt? Are you prepared with some medical supplies?

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First Aid Kit

Being ready to handle even small cuts and lacerations can be useful. Your first aid medical kit should be appropriate for the activity and length of duration. Hunters have different needs than recreational bikers. A hurricane can last a lot longer than a two-day camping trip. Knowing what you are preparing for is the first step.

Think about how many people you may be caring for. Are you alone or will your whole community rely on you as their “medic”? Having more than enough medical supplies will assure that no matter what injuries or illnesses that could happen will be covered. Extra supplies could mean the difference between life and death. In a long-term event they could be great barter items for things you forgot or ran out of during the crisis.

There are many studies that give expected medical issues for each scenario and we have tried to cover them in our book “The Survival Medicine Handbook.” Having knowledge and skills to handle emergencies are the first steps, but acquiring supplies is almost as important.

Do you a have a first aid medical kit if you REALLY needed one? I hope you do, but if not, please check out our supply lists in the descriptions of each of our whole line of medical kits to help you get started. Our lists are detailed and available to print for a good place to begin.

Our kits are designed by us, real medical professionals, not some non-medical business owners. We are Amy Alton, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and Joe Alton, a Medical Doctor of DoomandBloom.Net

Our goal is to put a medically trained person in every family. We want you and your family to be healthy in any disaster.

Thank you,

Amy Alton, ARNP