First Aid Emergency Deluxe Labor and Baby Delivery OB Kit

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This custom designed and hand-packed emergency obstetric labor and delivery kit is the most complete kit on the market today. Designed by Nurse-Midwife Amy Alton, co-owner of Doom and Bloom. 

The sterile pack has instruments, baby cap and blanket plus a bulb syringe and more.

Full head to toe personal protection gear included. Lots of non-sterile gloves and lubricating jelly for internal exams as needed. Nitrazine paper to assess for leaking amniotic fluid, and much, much more!

Options in checkout to add on:

1. Special Suture kit with x2 absorbable PGA (Vicryl) 2-0/3-0 sutures (for repair of delivery lacerations)

2. Pulse Oximeter

3. Blood Pressure Set (with stethoscope)


All Sterile Packed OB Kit with Instruments:

  • Sterile basin with lid
  • Kuddle Up baby blanket
  • Infant head warmer
  • Umbilical cord clamp
  • Under buttocks drape without pouch
  • Curved hemostat forceps;
  • Straight hemostat Kelly forceps;
  • Plastic sponge forceps
  • Straight mayo scissors
  • 12-Ply, 4 x 4" gauzes
  • Large Sterile vinyl gloves
  • 18 G x 1.5" needle
  • 7" serrated needle holder
  • 10 mL luer-lock syringe; 2 oz.
  • Bulb syringe (to suck out baby’s nose and mouth at birth)
  • 50" x 90" Table cover
  • O.R. towels x4


1 Hand Sanitizer

200 Gauze 4 x 4” non-sterile

10 Face masks surgical 3ply

1 Goggle, non-direct vented

1 Non-Sterile long Gown XL

1 Bouffant Cap head cover

2 Boot and knee-high leg covers 2XL size

1 Extra pair Sterile Gloves (1 additional pair already in sterile case also)

30 Non-sterile extended cuff nitrile gloves

40 Lubricating jelly packets

1 Nitrazine paper and chart (to check for "broken water" or leaking amniotic fluid)

25 Chux pads 17” x 24” waterproof pads

1 Betadine prep solution bottle

2 Scalpels

20 Alcohol wipes (to clean instruments)

1 Thermometer

1 Measuring tape retractable

1 Scissors, red handle

1 Perineal 8oz squeeze bottle (to use filled with warm water during every trip to the bathroom for cleaning and to help healing) *added 3-7-21

5 Large ABD thick pads 8 x 8" non-sterile (can be used for post partum peri pads)

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  • 5
    Emergency Labor and Delivery kit

    Posted by Lois on 3rd Dec 2021

    I hope to never need this kit but I was impressed with the amount of supplies and the rugged carrying case. It's a great addition to emergency supplies.

  • 5

    Posted by JW on 4th Oct 2021

    Ok so here's the deal, I got this because my niece is pregnant(due mid-March 2022) and lives in a rural area in North Texas. The hospitals there are excellent but like last winter "Sh** uhh Cold happens" power outages, icy country roads, Covid issues, etc. I want them to have a fighting chance for a safe delivery for both mother and child in an emergency and I believe Nurse Amy's kit will give them that. Family members there are studying the materials right now. The kit items I received are FANTASTIC! AND everything fit in the bag, even the extra things I ordered, tight but it fit! First class all the way and the service and customer communication from Nurse Amy is second to none. If pregnancy is ever a possibility you should definitely have this kit. My highest recommendations.