First Aid Emergency Deluxe Labor and Baby Delivery OB Kit

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This custom designed and hand-packed emergency obstetric labor and delivery kit is the most complete kit on the market today. Designed by Nurse-Midwife Amy Alton, co-owner of Doom and Bloom. 

The sterile pack has instruments, baby cap and blanket plus a bulb syringe and more.

Full head to toe personal protection gear included. Lots of non-sterile gloves and lubricating jelly for internal exams as needed. Nitrazine paper to assess for leaking amniotic fluid, and much, much more!

Options in checkout to add on:

1. Special Suture kit with x2 absorbable PGA (Vicryl) 2-0/3-0 sutures (for repair of delivery lacerations)

2. Pulse Oximeter

3. Blood Pressure Set (with stethoscope)

4. Our brand new The Survival Medicine Handbook in color or black and white, now 700 pages and 8"x10" with over 350 images.

5. "A Book For Midwives" (530 pages) 2020 updated, "Care for pregnancy, birth and women's health." Brand New, updated 2021, good condition. Minor wear and tear due to shipping.


All Sterile Packed OB Kit with Instruments:

  • Sterile basin with lid
  • Kuddle Up baby blanket
  • Infant head warmer
  • Umbilical cord clamp
  • Under buttocks drape without pouch
  • Curved hemostat forceps;
  • Straight hemostat Kelly forceps;
  • Plastic sponge forceps
  • Straight mayo scissors
  • 12-Ply, 4 x 4" gauzes
  • Large Sterile vinyl gloves
  • 18 G x 1.5" needle
  • 7" serrated needle holder
  • 10 mL luer-lock syringe; 2 oz.
  • Bulb syringe (to suck out baby’s nose and mouth at birth)
  • 50" x 90" Table cover
  • O.R. towels x4


1 Headlamp

1 Hand Sanitizer

200 Gauze 4 x 4” non-sterile

10 Face masks surgical 3ply

1 Full coverage Face shield

1 Non-Sterile long Gown XL

1 Bouffant Cap head cover

2 Boot and knee-high leg covers 2XL size

1 Extra pair Sterile Gloves (1 additional pair already in sterile case also)

20 Non-sterile Versa-shield purple, extended cuff, nitrile gloves

40 Lubricating jelly packets or 1- 4oz tube (large)

5 Nitrazine paper strips and chart (to check for "broken water" or leaking amniotic fluid, bright blue shows amniotic fluid)

25 Chux pads 17” x 24” waterproof pads

1 Betadine prep solution bottle

2 Scalpels

20 Alcohol wipes (to clean instruments)

1 Thermometer

1 Measuring tape retractable

1 Scissors

1 Perineal 8oz squeeze bottle (to use filled with warm water during every trip to the bathroom for cleaning and to help healing after delivery) 

5 Large ABD thick pads 8 x 8" non-sterile (can be used for postpartum peri pads)

4 Rehydration Packets

1 Bottle of Water Purification tablets 

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  • 5

    Posted by BARRY C SCHWEITZ on 15th Jun 2022

    I believe adding an instructional video would increase your customer 's knowledge of how to deliver the baby. Is there a video available?

  • 5
    Good Kit

    Posted by Ethan Larsen on 27th Jan 2022

    Good, basic kit for a non-high risk pregnancy if you find yourself in a "surprise" situation where baby is coming whether you want it to or not and you can't get to a hospital. I'd recommend having training (EMT or First responder for this kit level) to fully understand how to utilize and safely use the contents outside of a SHTF situation. Otherwise, it's very comprehensive compared to the labor "kits" I was supplied on my ambulance. I'd rather have this stocked than the little trays we were given.

  • 5
    Emergency Labor and Delivery kit

    Posted by Lois on 3rd Dec 2021

    I hope to never need this kit but I was impressed with the amount of supplies and the rugged carrying case. It's a great addition to emergency supplies.

  • 5

    Posted by JW on 4th Oct 2021

    Ok so here's the deal, I got this because my niece is pregnant(due mid-March 2022) and lives in a rural area in North Texas. The hospitals there are excellent but like last winter "Sh** uhh Cold happens" power outages, icy country roads, Covid issues, etc. I want them to have a fighting chance for a safe delivery for both mother and child in an emergency and I believe Nurse Amy's kit will give them that. Family members there are studying the materials right now. The kit items I received are FANTASTIC! AND everything fit in the bag, even the extra things I ordered, tight but it fit! First class all the way and the service and customer communication from Nurse Amy is second to none. If pregnancy is ever a possibility you should definitely have this kit. My highest recommendations.