Motorcycle First Aid Kit GRAB N GO™

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Motorcycle riders should be prepared for injuries due to accidents on the road or off. Control bleeding with trauma supplies, cover simple cuts with latex-free bandaids, stabilize sprained ankles, treat burns and close small wounds, plus more.

Lightweight and compact, perfect inside your seat or any backpack. Molle straps to secure anywhere. Measures: 8Hx6Wx3(Depth) inches. 


5 Hand Sanitizer Packets

1 SWAT Tourniquet (Stretch Wrap and Tuck) very versatile and works on small children or thin adults

1 Compression Dressing

1 Compressed vacuum-packed Gauze 4.5 inches x 12 feet

1 QuikClot Combat Gauze 12 feet Hemostatic Z-Fold Gauze- to stop moderate to severe bleeding

1 Roller Gauze Stretch Bandage 6 inches

1 Ace Bandage with clips 4 inches latex-free

1 Triangular Gauze Bandage

1 Solar Mylar Blanket

1 Sam Splint finger size

4 Burn Jel Packets with lidocaine

4 Telfa Non-Stick Gauze Pads

1 Cloth Tape Latex-free

5 Bandaids Ex-Large Curad Latex-free

5 Bandaids Large latex-free

1 Steri Strips 1 package 1/2"

10 Alcohol wipes

10 Betadine wipes

6 Gloves Latex-free

1 Bandage Scissors Stainless Steel

10 Generic Ibuprofen tablets (2 per pack x 5 packs)

1 Waterproof Bleeding Wound Instructions