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Since COVID-19: I have been keeping up with stocking my shelves of fresh supplies since the beginning of this pandemic. I promise you I am doing everything to help you and your family be prepared. Joe and I are here to prepare you for whatever may happen now or in the future.

We are putting together ALL of my kits for you and your family in the most hygiene process possible . As medical professionals we are keenly aware of packing safety.

Kits ordered from this category will be eligible for immediate HSA and FSA payments and credit card use.

You may also add any first aid and medical supply including books, first aid DVDs and tourniquets which are also eligible for HSA and FSA purchasing.

The names in this category are a more specific description of their First Aid Kit status vs. names like "Stomp Supreme" or "Family" listed elsewhere.

There will be no difference in items or quality of contents between the corresponding kits.

Stock and Supply: If you see an item, that means I have the item in stock and will send it same day or within 1-7 days (depending on weekends and holidays). If I am running out of anything I put an inventory alert on it so you will not be able to order it if I'm out.

If you see it, I have it.

We have been working day and night since January 25. We will continue to provide excellent service for you, our family.

Thanks so much, we care about you and your family very much!!

Amy and Joe Alton

*Canadian customers should email Amy Alton at drbonespodcast at aol dot com. I will provide you a shipping quote and then an invoice if you accept the shipping quote. Thank you for your understanding, Amy