SAM ThoraSite Needle Decompression Insertion Template

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SAM ThoraSite is an anatomical landmark guide for needle decompression insertions (one type of thoracostomy) designed to provide a n easier and safer approach to the pleural space by pinpointing the procedure site.

The device aids in identifying the appropriate intercostal space for lateral thoracostomies and similar procedures. ThoraSite is non-sterile and intended to be single-use. 

ThoraSite is used when treating life threatening chest injuries or maladies. Common injuries include collapsed lungs and sucking chest wounds, such as those caused by stabbings or gunshots. 

▪ Facilitates rapid identification of landmarks & procedure site.

▪ Simplifies cognitive burden associated with thoracostomies.

▪ Increases likelihood of appropriate needle/tube placement.

▪ Decreases potential of iatrogenic injury.

The patented design references the patient’s own anatomical landmarks to position the Safe Zone Window directly over the ideal procedure site.

The principle utilizes two axes to safely position the device. The first axis positions ThoraSite safely between the anterior axillary and midaxillary line, while the second axis aligns the window over the 3rd, 4th or 5th intercostal space.

Safe Zone

▪ The Procedural Safe Zone is between the anterior axillary (AAL) and midaxillary line (MAL) and the 3 rd to 5th ICS

Safe Zone Window

▪ ThoaSite’s Safe Zone Window is positioned within the procedure zone.


▪ Night Vision Optimized: Developed with HI-VIZ capabilities, the black-yellow contrast is ideal for visibility in low-light or night conditions and is compatible with night vision devices.

▪ Radiolucent Material: Composed of materials compatible with X-ray imaging, eliminating the need for guide removal.

▪ Durable Flex: Constructed to bend and adapt to patient anatomy while maintaining the Safe Zone Window spatial integrity.

▪ Compact & Compatible: Easily fits inside IFAKs and is compatible with thoracostomy devices.

ThoraSite is only indicated for a lateral approach (see images)

▪ While the anterior site is most common, it is associated with higher failure rates and only suitable for needle decompression to remove air.

▪ Lateral sites have higher success rates and can be used for both a needle or tube thoracostomy. ThoraSite is not indicated for anterior use.